It is proven that if a student is happy and fulfilled they will thrive

Encouraging, respecting and nurturing each student’s areas of interest outside of the curriculum plays an important role in their academic development.

At English International School Moscow, your child will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of co-curricular activities in and outside the classroom, including sports, drama, music, art and more, both within the school day and after school.

Physical Education & Sports

Physical education is an essential part of our curriculum. A balanced programme throughout the year develops four key skill areas:

  • Mobility, suppleness and body awareness;

  • Sports technique and ball skills;

  • Stamina training and fitness;

  • Team games and sportsmanship.

Sports include gymnastics and dance, athletics, swimming, cross country skiing, football, basketball, volleyball, touch-rugby, field hockey, cricket and tennis. These sports are not only part of the curriculum, but can be taken up as an extracurricular activity too.

Physical fitness is essential for a healthy life and a lively intellect. Teamwork and competition, trying one’s best and learning from victory and defeat are essential training for life.

I see how my child academically progressing, gaining self confidence and being very happy. Those are fundamental things for me as a parent.

Year 2 Parent

Performing & Creative Arts

Art, music and drama stimulate a child’s creativity and aesthetic development. Music at EIS Moscow includes singing, instrumental practice and the theory of music.

Music is a key component in school drama productions and concerts. There are frequent performances during assemblies. Our school offers private individual and small group tuition for several instruments as part of our extra curricular activities.

The art curriculum focuses on drawing and painting skills and includes 3D work and elements of design. Artwork from all years is always on display around the school.

Drama is taught within English lessons and there are drama and music productions of varying types performed by different age groups. The Christmas concert and the senior play are highlights of the winter and summer seasons.

There are various activities for the students to participate in which enhance the Preforming & Creative Arts curriculum, including:

  • Art competitions

  • Art and photography exhibitions

  • Performances in assemblies and at our local theatre

  • Individual music lessons

  • School recitals, concerts and musicals

  • School choir

  • Visits from professional musicians

  • Trips to the theatres

After-school Activities

After-school activities at EIS are designed to provide the opportunity for your child to learn new interests, and explore and develop these outside of the classroom. There is a range of activity sessions each week which allow development and enjoyment of a wider range of skills.

Examples of extra-curricular activities at EIS Moscow include:

  • A variety of sports, from athletics, running, football, swimming, cricket, badminton or rugby, you will be sure to find a sport your enjoy.
  • Additional Russian language sessions
  • Dancing
  • Calligraphy
  • Chess
  • Chinese Language Club
  • French Club
  • Debating Club
  • First Aid training
  • LEGO Club
  • Origami
  • Physics Booster
  • Newspaper Club

We are building links with our local community and Moscow itself is a fantastic place for bringing learning to life!