Healthy eating for healthy minds

At English International School Moscow, all pupils have a full lunch and snacks in the morning and afternoon.

Lunch and snacks are included in the tuition fee. Meals are supervised by staff and good table manners are expected.

All food is prepared and cooked on site by professional chefs. It consists of natural and healthy products only and is repeated every two weeks. The PTA conducts unannounced taste tests on our catering to ensure we are producing food that is likely to be enjoyed by the children. Please see below some examples of the dishes that appear on our menu.

Examples of Morning Snack

Bread with butter, cheese/ham, bread with jam, boiled egg, pancakes with fruit syrup, cornflakes with milk, milk porridge, tea with lemon.

Examples of Lunch Menu

A salad bar is available every day, spinach soup, carrot soup, chicken noodles soup, chicken steak, beef stroganoff, fish burger, boiled spaghetti/rice/macaroni, stewed vegetables (cabbage/cauliflower/broccoli), bread, berry fruit juice.

Examples of Afternoon Snack

Fresh fruit, yogurt, pastry, fruit juice.

The latest menu is always available from the School Office.