Our school facilities are excellent, with ample space indoors and outside for learning and play

Our school building is generously proportioned with large classrooms boasting plenty of natural light, wide corridors and high-quality collaborative communal areas. We use technology to support learning, but also include traditional play activities where appropriate. 

We take pride in displaying the work of our students all around the school, so you will see many creative, colourful and attractive displays as you tour our school. Outside, we have a very large garden, which we absolutely make the most of. We have age-appropriate play equipment for use outside and we alsouse the space for PE, play and events. Even in the winter, we try to spend as much time outside as possible to nurture a love of the outdoors in our students.

English International School, Moscow South-West has a very friendly setting and, within our well-organised and wonderfully inviting classrooms, we enjoy:

  • ICT system, including laptops and iPads, where technology-based activities are integrated within the curriculum.

  • Interactive whiteboards, enriching teaching and learning.

  • Structured reading materials, which have been refined to ensure each child’s success in the British education system.

We also have:

  • A library that helps cultivate the love of reading and research.

  • A campus with a high perimeter fence and internal security. The school’s priority is the safety of the pupils.

  • A fun, secure and enclosed playground with a safe surface and age-appropriate play equipment.

As is the case in the best of British private education, much of our students’ work is displayed around the school, giving them both ownership and pride of their achievements.

Our facilities are excellent and we continue to have exciting plans for further development and investment.