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EIS students are prepared for the Cambridge University International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and Advanced Level (A-Level) the world’s most popular international qualification, recognised by leading universities and employers worldwide.

University Map
University map

University Destinations

  • 35% of EIS alumni attended British universities
  • The vast majority attended universities in United States and Western Europe: France, Switzerland, Spain, Austria etc.
  • Careers include: Politics, Business, Medicine, Art.

Dear Mr. Lowder, Amir was officially accepted in the ABBEY COLLEGE CAMBRIDGE. During his interview, the Principal personally witnessed how proud Amir was of his current school. He was impressed by his confidence, skills and his thirsty for knowledge. I would like to thank you and your staff for your enormous input and efforts in his Education and upbringing over the last 3 years. During this period I observed how much Amir has improved his skills, behavior and capacity to solve his problems self-sufficiently. He became mature, persistent and sure of his goals and performance .Now he is an independent small adult who is able to deal with most of school requirements and exercises individually and his approach to them is quite sophisticated. Here, I have to admit your magic roles, the role of your school, played to improve my son's personality, leadership and even his charisma. Again thousands thanks to you and to all Amir's teachers

Mr Selim