EIS is in a unique position: we are the only school in Moscow that is accredited through both CIS and COBIS simultaneously.

EIS are in a unique position as I write this article: we are the only school in Moscow that is accredited through both CIS and COBIS simultaneously. An excellent achievement, certainly one worth noting and expanding upon. However, what does it all mean? Well, I endeavour to give a brief outline of all things COBIS related at EIS and provide clarity on the matter…

Who are COBIS?

The Council of British International Schools (COBIS) is a membership association that represents more than 450 schools and organisations globally. High-quality COBIS schools, which educate over 165,000 students and employ more than 17,000 teachers, can be found in more than 80 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. COBIS Supporting Associates provide a wide range of services and resources to the international schools sector.

What does membership mean?

With school improvement, learning, safeguarding and well-being at the core, the programme supports schools with a British educational ethos worldwide in their development journey. As a COBIS school, we are a member of a global-wide network of educators.

What does the accreditation process involve?

The process offers British international schools an excellent opportunity to measure their practice against rigorous and demanding Standards and to work with COBIS collaboratively on future developments. There are stringent standards to be met before successful accreditation is granted.

What are the overarching accreditation standards?

  • Safeguarding and Safer Recruitment - The school places a high priority on the safeguarding of students and staff, including child protection, and the safe recruitment of appropriately qualified and experienced staff.
  • Student Welfare - The school provides a safe and supportive environment for all young people.
  • Facilities - The school provides all students with access to an environment conducive to learning and that keeps them safe.
  • Governance - The school’s governors work to support students and the strategic direction of the school.
  • Ethos and Values - The school has an evident British educational ethos, is outward-looking and promotes international mindedness.
  • Learning and Teaching - The school recognises that its core business is learning and teaching and that the quality of this helps to define the school. The school celebrates and supports the development of high-quality learning and teaching for all students and encourages positive attitudes to learning.
  • Leadership in the School - The high quality of leadership, at all levels and in different areas, guided by the educational ethos and values of the institution, creates the conditions in which students, staff and the school can thrive and develop.
  • Communication - The school communicates effectively with parents to keep them informed and to support the progress of their children. Parents have the opportunity to be actively engaged in the life of the school.
  • Extra-Curricular, Enrichment and Engagement - The school offers a wide range of clubs, activities and charitable, community and global opportunities which exemplify and strengthen its educational ethos and values, promote good health and well-being and, through the active, ethical and purposeful engagement with the outside world, enrich learning and the development of learner and human qualities

What are the membership benefits?

  • Quality professional learning for school leaders, governors, teachers and support staff
  • Global and regional online networking opportunities through Connected Opportunities for our students to participate in a wide range of COBIS competitions, awards and activities and forge global friendships across the COBIS network
  • Access to the ICPC, Prohibition Order Checks and safeguarding training
  • Representation with the British Government, educational bodies and the corporate sector
  • Ability to post job vacancies via the Global Jobs page on our website
  • A unique username and password for our Members Area, allowing you to access research and download membership information
  • Regular COBIS Connect newsletters as well as briefings about developments and trends in UK education through our COBIS Headlines
  • Access to a wide range of Supporting Associates who offer quality products and services for British international schools
  • World-leading quality assurance through our Patron’s Accreditation and Compliance scheme

The above standards are split into multiple sub-standards that are very stringent and extensive. This only adds to the level of pride I feel at having EIS accomplish the award. The accreditation process operates on a five-year cycle, so we are content in the knowledge that were are part of a high-quality membership that lasts until at least 2026. I look forward to working with COBIS and the various high-quality schools therein.

Lee N. Daglish

EIS Moscow, Head of School