On Tuesday, we enjoyed a wonderful Sports Day! The children were delighted to spend the whole afternoon outside and luckily the weather was ideal! Each house team, Eagles, Bears, Tigers and Wolves were decked out in their team colours of red, green, yellow and blue. Mr Oleg organised traditional sports day activities including egg and spoon race, sack race and three-legged race. The children’s firm favourite was the water race! The children needed to soak sponges in water and run as fast as they could to deposit the water in a box, the team with the most water collected – won! To ensure the races were fair, the children were divided into two groups – Key Stage 1 for the younger children and Key Stage 2 for the older children. Team spirit and good sportsmanship was evident as each child participated in all sports to the best of their ability and every child cheered on their teammates! The children enjoyed watching their teachers take part in a hotly contested Tug-of-War! We finished our Sports Day with a tasty picnic lunch.