This week the students did an incredible job with their Photo Diaries. The photos were telling a story of their day, and they were challenged with trying to make their photos interesting and engaging, even if the activity was not. They did very well thinking about angles, focus, and the balance of light and dark to try and capture a moment and making it tell a story. Very well done to everyone.


Year 7

This week year 7 student have fished learning about weather by discussing the necessary condition for setting up a weather station in an area. In addition, students have started learning about climate. To begin with, students were grouped and being tasked to discuss and write down the different between weather and climate. After discussion, students presented their work in the classroom and finally they make a summary of those differences in their notebook using a Venn diagram that clearly shows the similarities and differences between weather and climate.

Year 8

Year 8 have finish the topic of tourism by designing leaflets about tourism. This week students have started a new topic, which is Energy and Water. During the lessons this week, students have had an opportunity learn about meaning of different keywords available in this topic. Students had a discussion on renewable and non-renewable energy and manage to distinguish between the two by using some of the examples of energy. Moreover, during the lesson students where asked one to one question about sources of energy to enable them participate fully in their learning and develop a general understanding of the topic, which will be useful in the future when covering other topics.

Year 9

The year 9 students have been learning about Earthquake and their focus in this subtopic was on plate tectonic movement where by students develop and ability to explain three type of plate tectonic movement and geographical features associated with those three plate tectonic movement. In addition year 9 Students demonstrated their understanding of the major areas that are exposed to earthquake in the world by indicating seven plate tectonic in a world map.

Year 10

This week also year 10 have started the new topic, which is Population and Settlement. In this topic, students have developed the knowledge of various key terminology about the topic. Furthermore, students have leant about where people live in the world and how population distribution are impacted by various factors.

Year 11

The year 11 have been doing their final touch and get prepared for their final exam that will start by next week. This week the year 11 students have done a revision on some of the topic that have been covered and to reinforce their knowledge and understanding we have discussed several geographical concepts which are migration, settlement, urbanization and industrial systems.


Year 7

Year 7 student have been learning about Industrial Revolution in Europe and this week they have had an opportunity to prepare presentation about some of the worst job during industrial revolution. Students have linked their computer skills to prepare PowerPoint presentation and do a presentation in the classroom.

Year 8

The year 8 students have learnt about why French people were unhappy during the revolution. Students have discussed the condition of the three Estates when it comes to matters like voting, decisions making and payment of taxi. Students classified and presents the three Estates using a triangle that shows a top down approach of King Louis Xiv leadership and manage to write the details and responsibility of each Estate.


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This week year 9 have been comparing non-fiction texts about crime and punishment. They read an account of a prison in the 19th century and compared how the experience of inmates different from those in a modern prison, paying attention to the methods the writers used. Year 10 have been deconstructing model coursework essays in preparation for their first draft. Year 11, 12 and 13 have been preparing for their upcoming exams next month.


Year 9 students learnt about different types of Transformations: translations, rotations, reflections and enlargements. They had a lot of practice with both online and worksheet type of questions and realised how some transformations can be challenging and require a lot of practice before mastering the skill.
Year 11 students have started topic on Differentiation and learnt how to find the gradient of a curve at a given point and how to differentiate a function from the first principles (central limit theorem).
Years 12 and 13 have been practicing with exam style questions and revising topics on Integration and Statistics this week.



Year 7 students learnt about similar parts of a sentence. Most students have shown a great understanding of this complex topic. Keep it up!
Year 9 students continued to work on topic "The Verbal Adverb" and some have made really good progress in writing the Verbal Adverb constructions.
Well done to Year 11 students! They have put a lot of effort into their Discursive essay, which we practise for the IGCSE exam. Year 11 students reflected about the role of school in our lives. It was so interesting to hear the students' opinion on that point.


In Secondary, Year 7 have been learning about arrangement. The students explored features of an arrangement in Folk song. The students compared the original songs and the songs with arrangement. They worked in small ensembles to create their own arrangement of “The Wellerman” song and used whatever instruments they liked from the music class.

Year 8 explored the development of Jazz and The Blues. The students worked hard to create The Twelve-BLUES chords in the key of G Major. The students explored Blues, Spiritual, Ragtime and Dixieland Jazz Genre and identified the features of all these genres.

Year 9 have practiced with “Three Little birds” song on the keyboards. The students worked out how the Bass Line Riff on Chord I (A) sounds noting the syncopation. Then they moved on to how the Bass Line Riff would be constructed on Chords IV (D) and V (E).