Year 9 students have started a topic "Problem Solving" and have learnt different strategies for solving real life type of questions. This week they have practiced how to sort and organise information using tree and Venn diagrams as well as how to identify, describe and complete number and geometry patterns
Year 12 students completed the course for the year and have started on the programme for the next year. This week they have learnt about modulus function, how to solve equations with modulus, composite and inverse functions. Additionally, they have started learning about exponential and logarithmic functions and discovered another irrational number in the realm of mathematics - Euler's number e!


Year 7, 8 and 9.

It has been a busy week for Geography students. All Year 7-9 students have done their final year Geography assessment. This assessment is very crucial for the year groups to check their progress after each study session that they had in this academic year. In addition this assessment will allows student and teacher to identify topics to review in more details when they are moving to the next phase in the new academic year.

Year 10

This week the year group has been learning about urbanisation challenges and its opportunities. Students have had a chance to identify different megacities in the world and they have seen that most of the megacities are in Asia because the continent has large number of people in the word as compared with other continents. Furthermore students have learned about urban land use and they have used two model to explain the uses of land in urban areas. Burgess model and Hoyt model was used to show the urban land use plan in different megacities like Tokyo and Beijing.


Year 7

Year 7 have had a wonderful week discussing the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade and they have mostly focused on the trade route over three continents. They have also discussed on the people and countries which monopolise this trade. Through reading assignment and comprehension questions students have managed to briefly explain causes and development of this trade in the 17-18th century.

Year 8

The year group are still learning about First World War 1914-1918 and this week they have been discussing about the war frontline and how the conspiracy and assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand set off a chain of events in starting the First World War.


In Year 7 and Year 8 we continued our topic about possessive adjectives. Students completed their homework and they had to fill in some worksheets during the lesson. It was a serious lesson but students are getting better in French and are showing good potential.
In Year 9 we finished our lesson about Savoir and connaître. Students know in which situation they have to use savoir and when they have to use connaître. They had to complete homework and fill in some worksheets in class.
In Year 10, we finished our topic about Tv and film. We studied a blog from a young student. She explains why and what she likes about TV and Film. We had to write some details. Then we listened to an interview and we had to write the correct answers. We also learnt how to write properly some kinds of verbs from the first group in French. Finally, students had to create their blog and explain what they like or don't like about TV. What a serious and interesting week in Year 10.


In Russian Year 10 students were very busy revising their previous units because they were preparing to sit their end of year exam next week. Year 7, 8 and 9 have already written the exams this week and are eagerly awaiting the results.



This week in ICT Year 7 were working on their projects which involved creating icons for a zoo website and creating a logo for a theme park company. Year 8 explored the various methods to prevent cyberattacks including: Penetration testers,regular backups of the data on network, Anti-malware, Anti-virus, two-factor authentication and ay Internet Service Provider to regulate the amount of Internet traffic allowed through to the server at any one time. Year 9 continued with the CodeCombat doing Javascript and touched upon cyberbullying and what to do if you don’t feel comfortable online. Year 10 were editing their graphics using the software Adobe Photoshop.


We have just completed a very hectic period with the year 7,8,9,11,12 & 13 completing all their examinations. The year 7 science class wrote on the sections Energy, Acids and Alkali indicators, Structure of plant, digestive system, respiratory system and Classification of Animals & Plants. They performed very well in their exams.

The year 9 were tested on Atoms, Elements, Molecules, Unbalanced Forces, Plant structure, Flower Structure, Pollination and Adaptations of Plants & Animals. All students performed well and there were some outstanding results, which augurs well for the class that starts IGCSE next year.

The year 11, 12 and 13 were tested on the entire curriculum. It was quite taxing on them and it was pleasing to note that some students still managed to produce A* and A’s. Well done to all students for the great effort. Our year 10 will begin their examinations next week. We wish them all the best.