And then there was 1!

We have been working hard this week. Again, there was disruption at the start of the week, but from Tuesday we’ve all been enjoying being back at school. The children have been working so well, despite such energy sapping heat this week

In English we have been working to complete writing and undertaking our final reading assessments for the year.

In Maths, we have also been undertaking assessments for the year, and it has been pleasing to see the progress that has been made in such a short period of time – especially in this summer term.

Science has seen us undertake a series of investigations into forces and magnetism. On Tuesday we completed an investigation looking at whether surface along which an object is pulled necessitates higher pulling strength.

The second investigation was analysing how the impact of rough or smooth surfaces impacts on the distance a ball will travel.


This week has been sweltering, but we still enjoyed doing lots of end-of-year activities and had lots of fun! Vibhav and Daniel joined us online during the week.

We wrote interesting poems about ‘Summer’, did some more Abacus ‘Driving Tests’, painted beautiful compositions, featuring delicious ice-creams, learnt to play a tune on the school’s electric keyboard pianos, and played table tennis in the shade during PE lessons.

Next week, we look forward to Sports Day, a football game at EIS South-west and a visit to Spartak Stadium. It’s going to be lots of fun!

Mr Ward has included in this week’s newsletter some photographs of us taken earlier this year. It’s been a wonderful learning journey this year. Our understanding of the world has grown wider and deeper, and we have acquired new skills that will stand us in good stead, next year and beyond!


Another exciting week flew by. The unusually hot weather did not prevent us from working hard, neither did the tiredness that came over all of us. I am quite satisfied that the Year 5's have a good knowledge of Percentages, Decimals and Fractions, and they are able to convert between them with confidence. We started with converting and reading time using the 24-hour notation. Learning to read and solve problems with Bus Timetables was quite challenging in the beginning, but the children soon got the knack of this and learned how to solve problems with ease.
We wrote an English Grammar Test which didn't go as well as I expected, so we are going back to the drawing board and will do some serious revision next week. I want all the students to be well prepared and ready for Year 6.
In Science we are exploring the universe and are busy with an interesting booklet about Astronaut Training. I was surprised at how excited the children were when completing this booklet. I realized anew how he universe never stops to amaze us!