A busy final week of term in Year 3 this week. Although it is the final week, we are still working hard across the curriculum. In English we have been focusing on our guided reading with students responding to their groups' texts by conducting research about issues raised in their books or positioning themselves as characters and reflecting. We've also been looking at identifying and applying prepositions.

In Maths we have been focusing on the four operations especially multiplication, division and addition of larger numbers. Students have been working on consolidating strategies which have either been new to them or effective for them in past work.

In Science we have been finishing our investigation reports. These have been presented well and look great on our wall.

As this is my final week at EIS SW, I would like to thank all of the staff, families and students who have been wonderful during my time at the campus. I wish you all the best of luck for the future.


It has been a great end to term 2 for Year 4. There has been an ongoing Easter Hunt competition throughout the school all week which the children have greatly enjoyed. Our children did well and found eggs.

In English we have continued our class read ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’ and carried out reading activities based around the skills of inference and justifying with evidence from the text. This week we have learnt how to compose a formal letter and when and how to use fronted adverbials. We also carried out our end of term reading assessment.

In Math, we have been revising decimal numbers, perimeter, and place value of whole numbers. We also carried out our end of term assessment

In Topic we have carried on exploring our unit: ‘Entertainment and Leisure’. This week we have explored how television has evolved over the 20th and 21st century. The children debated whether television is good or bad for society and why.

In Science we carried on our new unit about ‘Sound’. This week we studied the scientific vocabulary to describe the travel of sound leaving an object and being received by the brain.


This has been a fun-filled and busy final week of Spring Term. Year 5 have managed to complete their unit of work on the Museum of Fun and have relaxed back into ‘Charlotte’s Web’ which we began to read and enjoy in the first week of this term! We have continued to work hard in Maths concentrating on our place value and different methods of subtraction in order to work accurately with 4 digit numbers.

We had fun once again in Science by creating carbon dioxide by adding sodium bicarbonate to vinegar and succeeded in inflating several balloons to prove this. The children also worked amicably together in small groups to complete a short informal assessment where they had to use their scientific detective skills to work out what several ‘mysterious’ white powders were.

Finally, we have had much joy hunting for and finding eggs which have been hidden around the school, to give us extra House Points this week. This has been a brief but intense term and I hope that Year 5 will rest well over the next week, ready to begin our final but fairly long, Summer Term, fresh and rejuvenated.


We have had a great week in Year 6, we have been finishing our assessments this week and did really well. Mr. Marsh was proud of us. We also had a great field trip to a WWII museum where we learned about the defense of Moscow during the war. We even got to practice an air raid drill like the soilders of WWII. We had a great time and are ready for our break.


This week, Year 5 and Year 6 students presented fantastic projects and videos about their hobbies. Big thanks to all students for the participation. Well done!

“I really liked Rainer’s presentation. I also like planes. His presentation was very interesting and I enjoyed it very much. So I want to say thank you for this presentation.” – Matvejs
“In Russian lesson we were doing a project about out hobby. My favorite project was Matvejs because he had like a lot of hobbies. But his favorite is piano. And he told some historical facts about and I really enjoyed it!” – Justina
“Todays on our Russian lesson we were showing Presentations that we made. We were talking about our Hobby. I really like all of them but I think that Amalia’s Presentation is very nice! It looks colorful and amazing! Also I like Justina’s Project! I like her Art and I think it’s great!” – Sophia
“Hi! Today in Russian we showed our hobby presentation. I really liked Rainer’s presentation because there is about planes and I love planes too!” – Tim
“So the most I like Matvejs one. He was talking about piano. I really like the piano. And he told us interesting facts like the piano that was made in 1720. Now I know how the first piano looks like” – Rainers
“Today in Russian we were talking about our hobbies. My favorite presentation was Rainers. I like airplanes too, but prefer missiles.” – Vasily
“Today we were having a presentation day. Everyone showed their hobbies. I very liked Amalia’s poster, because it was colourful and there were lot’s of interesting things in it.” – Yo


In Music this week, each of the students in Key Stage 2 have been working very hard on the upcoming musical. It has been great to watch them grow, practice their lines, learning about staging, voice, presence and how to annunciate their lines. They have been diligent in practicing their songs, as everyone will be singing every song during the show. Mr. Marsh has come in once in a while to see the progress and has been extremely proud of everyone’s effort. Keep up the great work.


In Year 3 and in Year 4, we spoke about Easter, Pâques in French. We learnt the vocabulary : le chocolat, les cloches, les oeufsWe did a game together, we played dominos. We cut pictures with the word, then we sticked them to create a complete ligne.
In Year 5 and 6 we spoke about "La Francophonie". In other words where the French speakers live. We saw where French is spoken as a mother thongue, official language and as a second language. We coloured a map of the World according to the legal status of French language.


In PE this week we have continued develop our throwing skills, focus as well as applying our knowledge of technic. Children showed great teamwork during house challenge. They collected points and showed good throws for accuracy. Well done everyone.