In English lessons this week, we have been continuing SPAG focus with students focusing on learning a range of different spelling rules. Our reading focus has been focusing on the reading strategy of prediction, identifying what clues a text might give about what the story might about. In Maths, we have been focusing our work on measurement continuing to identify shape by measuring the perimeter of different shapes and exact measurement angles of angles using projectors. In Topic, we have researched the life of Alexander Graham Bell, for our writing focus of biographies and our invention models are starting to come together well and students will be creating supporting advertisements and profiles as part of the project. In Science, students enjoyed the different learning activities as part of Science Week.


Welcome to our newsletter. The children greatly enjoyed the Science Day on Wednesday. The children learnt about chemical reactions through observing various practical demonstrations carried out by the older children and were given the opportunity to launch model rockets into the sky.

This week in English we carried out our ‘Big Write’ in which the children planned and drafted an informative report about an incredible sport of their choice using the relevant language and structural features we learnt throughout this unit.

In Math, we have been learning how to divide 2- and 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers with and without a remainder using times tables knowledge and ‘chunking’ method. We have also been learning about factors and multiples and practicing techniques to help us solve 1 step word problems.

In Topic we continued with our ‘Royal Family’ unit. This week the children learnt about family trees and were given the opportunity to use the internet to research the Family Tree of a Monarch dead or alive of their choice.


This has been quite a brilliant and exciting week for everyone. The children have continued to work hard amidst a timetable of busy activities including Science Week,
the BMW safety car and PE. Much of our time has been spent completing assessments and the children have applied themselves well and worked really hard to finish these on time and to the best of their ability. On Science Day we focused entirely on the science activities organised for us by Year 7 as well as continuing with our own science units of work. The children loved the Elephant Toothpaste, making a hologram with Mr Reddy and ‘playing’ with fire with Ms Larisa, the Year 11’s and Sir Bob! The day ended with furious fun as the children managed to send their rockets soaring……into the trees.

Well done Year 5 for completing yet another fantastic week of learning


We have had an amazing week here in Year 6. Even though we had our assessments this week, we have been very busy and had a lot of fun during Science day on Wednesday. We got to see volcanoes, and we learned how to make Elephant Toothpaste, fake snow, and even learned how to make our own holograms. We got to take part in a road safety presentation and if that wasn't exciting enough, we got to take part in Valentine's day activities on Friday. Mr. Marsh showed us a brand-new program on the computer, and we loved it. It has been a great week!


With all year groups this week we made Valentine’s crafts and cards. These activities were great for developing fine motor skills and they just looked adorable. Children had fun making them and sharing Valentines creations with friends, family and teachers. What better way for students to say "I love you" than with Valentine crafts that they lovingly created with their own hands?!


The pupils from primary school were learned about beat in music. The students explored machine music. They listened to the Robot beat song and danced like robots. The students have shown actions and body percussion for each verse. Year 3 and 4 have been practicing on keyboards the melody from The Four Seasons from Vivaldi. We explored another instrument from Vivaldi period, the Harpsicord. The students were excited that it been invented long before the piano. Year 5 have been learning new song, Solar System. Mix of rap and lyric music made them happy. The students were happy to practice solo. Year 6 explored Bach’s life.


We are finally done with the topic "My family". Many thanks to the parents who brought pictures, the children enjoyed presenting their families. The result was great. Before the holidays, they will bring their tree at home.

We have started a new topic this week, "My Home". First of all, we drew a simple house and we added the different elements to complete the house. We worked in pairs to find the different rooms in a house. We used flashcards to help us remember the vocabulary and we matched the pictures of the rooms with the correct word.

Next week we will do more work on "My Home". We will do crosswords, puzzles, cut and stick the correct word on the correct room, answer questions according to a picture, listen to a song and fill in the lyrics correctly.

Finally, we will have to write a small essay on "My house"