How unusual to complain about hot weather in Moscow, for usually we worry about the cold! At any rate, record breaking temperatures could not stop our students from remaining in good spirits and keeping their thinking hats on! Being creative, students spent much time outside diligently working on their Math, and English, and any other subject that could afford being moved outdoors. We are fortunate here at EIS, as most of our yard is under shade. We threw rugs on the ground, moved benches under trees, and used white boards as mini tables to help make work outside a ‘breeze’ (smile).

This week, students worked on finding perimeter of simple shaped polygons (rectangles and squares). Year three was also further challenged with ‘tooth pick puzzles’, where they created simple forms and were asked to make a new shape by removing two or three sticks.

Postcards of a dream summer vacation was also an activity that pupils completed, making sure correct grammar was used when writing about ‘today, tomorrow, and yesterday’.

As we wrap up this warm week, we look forward to the cooling winds of our last days of the school year in the following week to come.


It has been a great penultimate week of the academic year for Year 4.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Year 4 carried out their end of unit assessments for Maths, English and Science. During the other lessons, the children revised for the assessments.

On Thursday and Friday Year 4 combined with the children in Year 6 who did not go on the overnight residential trip. We had a fun two days. Activities included designing a sports shoe for the Sports Day competition and creating an animated, motion story using ‘Pixton’ computer programme. The children also partook in Art, Music, French and PE lessons.


Despite the tough heat this week, Year 5 have kept going! Well done them!

Most of our learning focus has been on English with lots of reading and writing. We have certainly learned the meaning of ‘epic’ this week when we completed some fantastic shared reading of the Greek myth, ‘Perseus and Medusa’. Many children managed to complete our shared summary writing to go with this which I hope will help to continue the development of their writing skills. It was a mammoth task but we all got there in the end.

On Monday, we enjoyed doing further Guided Reading and comprehension work together also. However, I would like to say that last Friday we used Minecraft Education as a tool to engage absolutely everyone in our learning. This was my first time using this software. Most of the class are familiar with Minecraft and with how it works but it can be used to support and develop literacy skills too which is what I wanted to see for myself. I absolutely loved it and I think the children did also.

In Maths, we have looked at Percentages, Decimals and Fractions and I am finding that most children are solidifying their understanding of fractions and fractional parts.

We had the best PSHE lesson and end of the day on Tuesday with the celebration of Jayden’s 10th birthday. His mum and dad treated everyone to a delicious birthday cake and treat bags which the children filled with sweets once Sojung had wrecked the Pinata.

On Wednesday, Years 5 and 6 spent the whole day in the park, in the shade and had so much fun playing badminton, Frisbee or just sitting chatting and chilling with their friends. It was lovely.

It has been a very hot week indeed which has affected everyone however, Year 5 have been superb in keeping going regardless.


We have had so much fun this week in Year 6. We have been taking advantage of the really hot weather to get outside and enjoy ourselves. On Wednesday we got to go to the park with Year 5. It was such fun and Mr. Marsh even took us all for ice cream! Thursday and Friday were the best as we got to visit Ethnomir Park, just outside of Moscow for our first ever overnight trip. We had so much fun exploring the parks and lakes. We got to make really cool Erdu art to take home, we made our own bread, and we even took part in a Native American quest. It was such a good time spending it with our friends and we even got to roast marshmallows at a bonfire on Thursday night. It has been the greatest adventure and a perfect way to finish Primary! Thank you Ms Valentina and Mr Marsh for taking us on a great adventure!


The pupils from Primary school practiced playing the keyboard. The nursery and reception were learning a new song ‘Hickory Dickory dock’. Year 1 and year 2 practiced playing the keyboard of the song "Johnny Works with one Hummer". Students have learned the song in previous lessons and definitely know the lyrics and melody of this song. Year 3 and 4 practiced the melody of a Lullaby from Johann Brahms on the keyboard. Year 5 and 6 practiced 'Faded' with both hands.


Painting Ice Creams is fun! So, this week, with year 4,5 and 6 we were drawing and painting a watercolour ice cream cone. Why ice cream? Because... it's summer. And It is inspired by summer. Makes for a lovely work of art that will never melt!


In Year3, during the French lesson, we studied the Palace of Versailles and we talked about Louis XIV.We watched some videos about the palace. If you want to watch them again, here are the links : Louis XIII to the Revolution After the Revolution Gardens, Trianon

Year 6 had their final test in French. For most of them, it was a success and they showed they can make good progress.


This week our children showed great motivation to do PE lesson in spite of hot weather. During the lesson children played badminton with partner.We studied how to serve and tried to safe shuttlecock in air. Also, students showed great shooting skills doing bean bag shot.