Learning is so exciting when one is inspired and interested in the topic! This is the environment in which Year 3 reviewed prepositions. Students first reviewed examples of prepositions displayed on the white board. Students took turns to read off the poster, either creating their own sentence with a preposition, or just simply reading the word off of the board. Next, pupils had a challenge of drawing a ‘mystery picture’ with only step by step instructions from the teacher. After the class got used to instructions of ‘to the right of…’, ‘to the left of…’, ‘diagonally’, ‘horizontally’, ‘vertically’, ‘the size of your hand…’, ’near the top right corner’, etc, students became engrossed in the prospect of what their picture might be. Was it a car? Was it a bull? Could it be a…castle?! Wow! Students enjoyed decorating the scene around their castle, producing excellent detail on their mystery picture. But, the lesson was not over yet! Next, students were asked to design their dream bedroom that was found in this mystery castle, keeping in mind that they would be asked to describe their design by using prepositions to help illustrate where items were placed around their fantasy room. This activity was so well received, students wanted to continue and complete their pictures for homework! Who would have thought grammar could be so much fun!


In English, we continued learning about ‘Virtual Tours’. We watched and compared the quality of the two different virtual tours delivered by students at South West and West campus. We also looked at the websites of two different international schools in Moscow. We compared their visual impact and ease of navigation.

In Maths we learnt how to identify coordinates of 2D shapes including their reflections. We also learnt how to interpret the data in bar charts, pictograms and line graphs.

In Science, we learnt about ‘Gases’. We learnt about the different kinds of gases and their properties using real life examples. We also looked at the process of turning a gas to a liquid and vice versa.

In Topic we carried on our ‘Olympics’ theme. The children worked in small groups to create a new Olympic sport. They developed their own instructions for how to play, rules, and scoring systems and decided on the equipment they needed.

In PSHE, we learnt about how to maintain good physical and mental wellbeing. We also explored the importance of being ‘resilient’.


This has been another very busy week for Year 5 amidst the rain and grey cloud which has not dampened our spirits.

During English, Miss Peoples did a trial run with some guinea pigs for some Guided Reading which both the children (the guinea pigs) and Miss Peoples both really enjoyed. This is where we work in small groups to read the same book and discuss it in more detail than we possible would with a whole class situation. Miss Peoples thoroughly enjoyed listening to some whizzy and zippy reading from ‘The Silver Sword’ by Ian Serraillier.

We are also continuing to read and enjoy Greek Myths together as a whole class some of which will be for the first time for many people in class.

In Maths, we have been reinforcing our written methods for short and long division and multiplication. Again, Miss Peoples has really enjoyed working and helping some children to get to grips better with their Maths this week and shown her that they have been practising their times table facts at home.

On Wednesday, we went to The Armoury Museum in the Kremlin which was fantastic. We were extremely impressed with the artefacts on display and really appreciated having a personal guide from the museum to take us around and tell us many interesting facts about the Romanovs. We have certainly learned more about Russia and Russian history as a result of this visit.

On Thursday, we had a lockdown practice which went well and I think many of us are relieved that it is over and out of the way. Now we can look forward to a long weekend where we can relax and recover before the final three weeks of term.


We have had a very interesting week here in Year 6. After a long week of Musical performances, we had the opportunity to explore life in Secondary. We had our transition day this week, and spend a full day taking part in Secondary classes and new timetables. It was very interesting to see some of the new classes, meet some new teachers and experiences life in Secondary. It was very different than Primary and all of the reasons that Mr. Marsh pushes us to be more independent made more sense to us now. It was a great week and we had a lot of fun.


In Year 3, we finally finished our topic about 'the Little Red Riding Hood. We spoke about the important moment during the story. Students worked in little groups and had an illustration of the story. They had to write sentences under each picture.
In year 4, we started a new subject: My school. We learnt new vocabulary and we learnt how to write the different elements in a pencil case. Then, they had to show their school supplies according to the good translation.
This week, students from Year 6 had their transition day during French class. We spent the lesson like students from Year 7 used to do it. We studied the same topic, the possessive adjectives. We learnt the different ways to say My/you/his/her/our/their when the noun is masculine, feminine, or in the plural. Thanks to our last subject, we know how to recognize the gender of a noun. We did some exercises during the lesson and we will still speak about this subject next week.


Year 5 children wrote the final vocabulary dictation on Tuesday. I am incredibly happy with the results! All students received high marks, making the minimum number of mistakes. Keep it up and get ready for the big grammar test!

Year 6 worked on the writing at home. The task was to describe a wild animal using many expressive adjectives. Students presented their writings to classmates this week. And this is what they told after the lesson.

In Russian lesson we are learning about adjectives. We had a task to write about animals, using adjectives. I liked Vasily’s story. It was about termite. It is an insect like ants. In their groups most of them are workers. There is King and Queen. – Yo

I liked Amina’s speech about the tiger because she said a lot of facts and information about the tiger. Amina said tiger’s size, his loud voice and also he can run very fast. I also like tigers. This is why I like Amina’s speech! – Justina

In Russian we had homework to write about an animal. My favorite writing was Vasily’s because I learned many interesting facts like that the most long government of the king and queen was 70 years. – Amina

In Russian lesson we need to make a presentation about our favorite animal out of 5- words. I really liked Rainer’s speech about hippo. I learned that hippo when its worm it changes it colour from grey to pink. I really enjoy listening! – Matvejs

In Russian we told facts about different animals using Adjectives. I liked Amina’s. She did about the tiger. I learned that the tigers roar can be heard 3 kilometers away. – Vasily

On Russian lesson we were writing about animals! I like Amina’s paragraph about tigers! She told us a lot of interesting facts about tigers, for example she told us that tigers see colours like humans. – Sophia

We were asked to make a little writing about our favorite animal with adjectives. My favorite was from Amina because I learned about tigers and new facts like tigers can see the world with the colours like humans. – Rainers

On Russian we shared our texts on exotic animals, I especially liked Amina’s text on tigers. Her text was really detailed. I learned very interesting things from her text, for example I never knew that tigers can run 60 km/h! – Amalia


This week the student receiving demonstrates an excellent level of effort at all times. Primary student always pays careful attention to directions and is always prepared to participate. Children moves beyond personal goals and focuses on actively contributing to others and the classroom learning experience. All children participated in skipping rope and enjoyed “skittle ball” game.