Just because the weather is beautiful outside, doesn’t mean we have to do our work inside! This week, year 3 took advantage of the beautiful sunny days by having some lessons on our play-yard benches…students made excellent effort to remain on task with a reading assignment, as well as finding ‘similes’ in a passage. While teachers do appreciate that summer holidays are approaching and it may seem harder to focus on studies, pupils in year three are making striding efforts to enjoy their lessons while embracing the summer-time sun.

Back inside the classroom, students worked on polygon shapes, reviewing the names and number of sides some plane figures can be made from: hexagon, polygon, and decagon…can you remember how many sides these shapes have?


In English, this week we explored poetry. We studied numerous poems written by Grace Nichols. We practiced reading them aloud thinking about the parts where we needed to change our voice to meet the mood of the poem. We also learnt about different literary features used to make poems interesting like similes, metaphors, personification, alliteration, and rhyming. We practiced composing our own stanzas to existing poems as well as creating our own.

In Maths we revised how to use ladder method to solve long multiplication sums with a heavy emphasis on applying it to real life word problems. We also revised how to multiply and divide whole number and decimals by 10 and 100. We learnt how to add fractions with same denominator but different numerators and then converting the answer into a mixed number.

In Topic this week we continued our ‘Olympics and Olympic Greats’ topic. This week each child had to research about a famous Olympian; one from their own country and one from another. They were required to present this information in form of a ‘Power Point’ or ‘Word’ presentation.

In Science we revised the vocabulary and concepts learnt so far in our ‘States of Matter’ unit.

In ICT we carried out reading and Math activities on ‘Active Learn’ platform.


How lovely to at last feel the warmth of the sun in our bones! This has most definitely helped us get through this week as we enjoy playing and learning more outdoors.

Despite the snap decision to have yet another week of holiday, most of Year 5 have been in class this week but we have been delighted to have our classmates at home join us on Zoom too!

We have continued with our Guided Reading of ‘The Silver Sword’ and been explaining the meaning of new words as well as retrieving information from the text. We have continued to read our Greek myths and as we discuss them and think about the events contained within, we have been relating these to our own lives.

In Maths we have returned to calculating perimeters and areas of regular and composite shapes. Some people have really got the hang of this but most of us still need quite a bit of practice at it.

In Science, we reviewed our Material hunt from last week and considered the advantages of having different objects made from different materials. This activity also highlighted the different adjectives we use to describe the various characteristics of different materials such as metal or fabric. The key now is to try and remember them all.

We had great fun in PSHE washing hair. We are continuing to think about how best to take care of ourselves and this week we compared two shampoos finishing off with a delicious smelling conditioner. Marina has snapped some fabulous photographs of us having fun.

Year 5 are tired for sure but continue to work and try their best at everything.


We have been really busy this week in Year 6. We have finished our long novel about Middle School, and the ending was very wild, we did not expect that ending! We have also been learning and working hard on Tesselations in Maths. They are geometric and repeating patters, and they are hard to make but we have been trying very hard. It has been a busy week in Year 6.


Year 3: We created a very special book "All about France". Thanks to the book, we learnt more about France. Indeed, each page has a particular topic: monument, food, clothing, celebration, symbol, etcWe first cut and gathered the different pages, then we did the activities and coloured the draws.

Year4 : this week, we studied a very important place in France: Versailles. We spoke about the Palace and Louis XIV. We read texts about the Palace, completed worksheets and watched videos about the Palace of Versailles. If you want to watch again these videos, here are the links : Versailles till the Revolution After the Revolution Gardens, Trianon

Year 5 : This week, we started a new topic: Food. We studied new vocabulary and famous french dishes. Of course, students had the opportunity to taste and eat French cheese. It was a "Premiere" for most of them. Now, Brie and Camembert have no secret for them anymore.
Year 6 : Students in Year 6 had their final exam. It was a good chance for them to finish the year with a good result. A test is only for their benefit and to prove that they can work correctly. Well done Year 6.