In science this week we learnt about volume and capacity in relation to different liquids and the vocabulary used to name and describe them comparatively. For our practical task, we made lava lamps! The children were fascinated with how the oil and water interacted with each other! In maths we continued working on the tricky concept of telling the time, particularly focusing on quarter past and quarter to, alongside counting in 2s, 5s and 10s from any given number. We also measured our water bottles and the liquids used to make our lava lamps in centimeters, milliliters and liters. In English we continued to work on our handwriting formation and spelling games for sight words and tricky to spell words. We also planned, wrote and edited comic strips as part of developing our creative storytelling skills. In Topic/PSHE, we read and wrote our weekly notes for our class 'Kindness box'. The children also bravely took turns to read storybooks to the whole class. This is becoming a new favourite activity for Year 1, even during indoor playtimes when it is raining outside! Great reading skills and confidence, Year!


Year 2 have been working very hard this week! In Topic, we are learning about the history of the Olympic Games. Year 2 are also learning about famous sportspeople and researching information to write a profile. In Science, Year 2 are studying Food Chains and learning new challenging vocabulary: carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, prey and predator. Year 2 impressed me this week with their great sentences using words with the suffix ‘ful’ For example: careful, fearful and playful. In Maths, the children are continuing to revise ‘time’ and recall multiplication and division tables at speed. Year 2 enjoyed their last swimming lesson this week and we are looking forward to our mini-summer fayre next week! Enjoy the long weekend Year 2!