This week in English we continued to focus on the poem 'Sushka with a secret' (Сушка с сектретом) by Maria Rupasova. We discussed the poem further and worked on some fun comprehension activities, which allowed us to practice producing neat handwriting skills and work on spelling a mixture of familiar and new tricky words. We made a wall display of some of our written work in the corridor for other children and teachers to read in school, with the goal to ignite our passion for literature in others. The aim of translating, discussing and writing about this playful contemporary Russian-language children's poem in English, is to celebrate that we both live in Russia and attend an English-language International school. A poem about the friendship between Russian childhood sweets has been a chance to integrate all nine nationalities of our class by bringing the English and Russian language together through a second and final Year 1 poetry project. The children will have another chance to bake something tasty inspired by the poem next week. In assembly this Friday, Year 1 bravely told the school about this poem in English and performed this poem in Russian for the school, with the characters from this poem turned into puppets, not forgetting a burst of emotion and animated moves!


Year 2 enjoy sunny weather, but this week was exceptionally hot! We all wore caps, sun-cream and drank plenty of water to stay safe in the sun. Children completed their final assessments this week in Reading and Maths. Everyone has made outstanding progress when we compare the results from September to June! We are very proud of this clever Year 2 class! This week we have been wrapping up the end if our Science and Topic units by finishing projects about famous sportspeople and learning about the five food groups. In Maths and English we are reviewing all of the units we covered this year and looking back through copybooks to see how much progress we have made! It is amazing to look at our first page from the 1st of September and compare those initial 2-3 sentences, with the 10-15 sentences we can write now! Next week, we look forward to discussing our summer holiday plans and preparing cards for each other.