This week in maths we have been working on counting 1, 2, 5, 10 more and less using a 100 grid from any given number, playing flashcard games with this concept and telling the time. In English we have been translating a Russian children's poem called 'Сушка с сектретом' / 'Sushka with a secret' by Maria Rupasova/Мария Рупасова, which focuses on the friendship between a group of Russian childhood sweet treats. This involved experimenting with how to make words rhyme in English in the context of the poem and playing with words to make the poem just as funny in English. We had lots of class discussion about the theme of 'friendship' and about the illustrations made for the original poem; what they tell us about the poem, guessing what the poem could be about using the pictures and focusing on the title first, before revealing each stanza one at a time, each children reading a stanza each, before us guessing what would come next. We also discussed and wrote a recipe to make ice cream and had great fun making three favours of ice cream in class from natural ingredients! We used the left over fruits to make our own compot with the help of Ms. Lena. We measured the litres of ingredients and discussed the textures of the different ingredients using vocabulary to describe them, such as 'gloopy', 'thicker/thinner', etc.


Summer is in the air! Year 2 enjoyed the beautiful weather this week. Everyone is taking care in the sun by using sun-cream, wearing caps and drinking lots of water. Badminton has become a popular game to play together. In class, Year 2 are working hard to complete their final assessments and finish the last exercises in their workbooks. In English, we are learning to add suffixes to make new words such as careful and careless. In Topic, we are learning about the Olympic Games. We hope it will provide some inspiration for our Sports Day next week! We were all delighted to be able to have a mini-summer fayre with our own class. Everyone has fun trying to knock down the piñata, pin the tail on the donkey and blow bubbles! We had fun trying to catch the seeds from the poplar tree blowing in the wind. Year 2 are looking forward to their summer holidays, as they have all worked very hard this year!