This week we had fun making our own clocks in maths and learning how to play pair work and TPR games to revise o'clock and half past, and to learn quarter past and quarter to. We planted our sunflower seeds that had already started growing on our classroom windowsill and had a delayed celebration of Welsh Saint David's Day. We learnt how to bake Welsh cakes, after designing and planning our ingredients lists with the twist of adding in some less typical dried fruits! We found our countries on the world map, learnt and shared some facts about them with each other. In English we continued to practice our letter formation and the proportion of our handwriting and moved on to some trickier to spell common words, which the children have tackled very well through some much-loved favourite games and new games.


Time flies when you are having fun! Year 2 are learning to tell the time. Throughout our school day, we regularly look at the clock and the children try to read the time. We practice counting in 5s around the clock. Well done to Year 2 as it is a tricky concept to write the time as 2:40 but say ‘twenty to three’. We welcomed a new student to our class this week. Welcome Sofia! We played cooperative games such as Twister to help make new friends. In Topic we compared the life of animals in the wild to the life of animals in the zoo. The children were able to share their interesting opinions about the benefits and disadvantages of both. Year 2 are working hard to improve their reading level and everyone enjoys group reading time! Have a lovely weekend Year 2!