This week in Year One we have been learning all about non-chronological reports and what they are. We know that they have special features such as an introduction, subheadings and an interesting fact. We read a non-chronological report about crocodiles and answered questions about it. Finally, we researched and wrote on own reports on either crocodiles or penguins.

In Maths we have been learning to tell o’clock and half past times. We know how to show the times on a clock, how to draw the hands on a clock face and how to read and write times in word and digital formats. Some of us are even reading the times we see on clocks around school! We ended the week by thinking about how long a minute is. We estimated how many different activities we could do in a minute and then we timed ourselves to see how many we could do. We jumped on the spot, built and rebuilt a cube tower wrote our names and touched our toes as many times as we could in a minute. A minute passes by faster than we thought!

In Science, we have learned about the season of winter and we have recapped everything we have learned about the four seasons this half term.

In Topic, we have continued learning about the continents. This week, we have looked at Antarctica and Europe. Did you know there is a lava lake inside the volcano Mount Erebus on Antarctica?


Well done Year 2 for completing your final week and having a very successful spring term!

This week some us finished our traditional tales, but it’s a big project that will need completing in the early summer term along with our own front covers to finish the look. In Maths, we had very pleasing assessment results, a testament to all the children’s hard work as there were some tricky questions to answer.

In Topic, we finished up the War & Remembrance unit by looking at Life on the Home Front and, particularly, the role of women. We also learnt about Remembrance Day and completed art and craft activities using poppy designs.

The Science assessments may have been the highlight of the week as far as Year 2 are concerned as they got to finish the Changing Shape unit by creating balloon animals, guns and swords. The children had to use manipulation techniques such as bending, squashing, stretching and twisting.

We look forward to the summer term and aim to be equally successful!

Well done, again, Year 2.

Our little project with Year 2 was to create a story using pictures. Everybody worked so hard to write their stories and create illustrations. We had a lot of fun, when reading each other's works!


Year 1 and 2 worked very hard this week. The students have been practicing the ‘Apple tree ‘song on the keyboards. Pupils found it very funny and easily learned the piano score. They performed the song on their own for the class. Great job.