In Year 1, this week we have been learning about the life and work of knights. First, we learned about the knight’s armour and then we learned about the life of a knight. Did you know that children left home to begin their knight training at 7 years old?! We thought about the qualities needed to be a knight and if we could apply to be a knight. Finally, we looked at the legend of the knight, King Arthur.

In Maths, we have been counting in 10s. We have learned that we can count in 10 from any number. We have learned how to find 10 more and 10 less than a number by using the number square. We also know that 10 more is the same as adding 10 and 10 less is the same as subtracting 10.

In Science we have recapped all the materials we know to identify how many different materials a house can be made from. We have also enjoyed taking part in the EIS South West Science Week activities.

This week in Topic, we remembered William the Conqueror from last week and we looked at how he came to be the King of England following his victory in the Battle of Hastings.


On Wednesday, we had an amazing Science Day where Year 2 witnessed many interesting experiments, such as volcanoes, lava lamps, holograms and bottle rockets, to name a few. The children worked hard decorating their rockets during the week and, I am glad to say, they all launched with great success. Some almost topped the large trees in the school grounds!

On Thursday, it was Road Safety Day which included a visit from a BMW van. Inside, the children had to rescue a person (first-aid dummy) by checking for vital signs and following protocol. Also, there were various road signs/scenarios that the children had to tackle via an onboard computer.

Love was in the air on Friday as we had a Valentine’s Day Special! The children created their own cards and included love poems/messages/notes to express how they feel. The cards were then posted and delivered in secret.

Well done Year 2, I hope you enjoyed the week!