This week we have been looking at postcards and holidays. We have thought about the things we would like to do when we go on holiday and we have written our own postcards to our friends. Finally, we have remembered the rules for adding ‘s’ or ‘es’ to make words plural.

In Maths we revised the names of 3D shapes and we recapped how to tell o’clock and half past times on both the analogue and digital clocks. We have also learned what a pictogram is, how to read one and how to create our own. We have also becoming completing and drawing repeating patterns using shapes and other objects.

In Science we have compared flowers to find out if all flowers look the same. We looked at size, shape and colour, as well as petals. We have also looked at the roots of some plants to see if all roots are the same. We drew the roots carefully and then answered questions about them.

In Topic, we have started our new topic of the Olympics. This week we have looked at some famous Olympic sportspeople and learned about the sports they pay, and more importantly, how many medals they have won! We have also looked at Olympic mascots and designed our own. Piki and Miki, Zippi, Sky, Skik, Goldi, Pidi and Viana, Hulk Tail and Christen are some of our Year 1 Olympic mascots!

On Friday, we went on our trip to the zoo with EYFS – a report and photos to follow in next week’s newsletter!


This week we have been continuing to write our non-fiction books in English. It's a grand project but they're looking fantastic! We aim to print them and turn them into their own books; they have even designed their own front covers. Some have made contents pages, added captions and up to 6 chapters!

In Maths, we have revisited time and learnt how to tell it to the nearest 5 minutes. Once we had conquered going 5 minutes ‘past’ then we moved onto ‘to’ the hour. Some can even manage the nearest minute. It’s natural to take time, excuse the pun, so we will keep at it.

Topic lessons are very practical this half-term - we have learning about Michael Jordan: the great basketball player. We watched him leap two metres into the air and slam dunk the ball. Year 2 had a full competitive game of basketball for around 20 minutes.

In Science, it's been about carnivores, herbivores & omnivores. We made some surprising discoveries here, I must say. From there, we delved into food chains: leaf to worm to shrew to owl, for instance. Year 2 even know that man is top of the food chain and why.

Keep up the awesome work, Year 2!