Last Friday Year 1 and EYFS braved the rain to visit the zoo! We saw lots of animals including flamingoes, penguins, a colourful toucan, wolves, foxes, a lonely giraffe and an angry ox! We had a great time! We used our zoo visit to write our own recounts using the past tense and time words such as first, next and finally.

We have been looking at Fairytales this week and how the recipe for a good fairytale includes good and bad characters and a little bit of magic! We have written sentences about the Frog Price and we have identified the characters and the problem, magic and solution in the story of Rapunzel.

In Maths we have been revising how to add and subtract 1-digit numbers to/from 2-digit numbers by using number facts that we already know. We have also looked at how to find change from 10p, 20p and even 50p!

In Science we have been learning about trees. We have identified which trees are evergreen and which are deciduous. We have looked at the different trees in the school grounds and made bark rubbings and drew pictures of our favourite tree. We saw pine trees, horse chestnut trees and the ‘fluff’ tree, silver poplar.

In Topic, we have looked at some different Olympic team kits from countries around the world. We then designed our own kits thinking about the colours and symbols of the country we wanted to represent. We also looked at the Paralympic Games and the sports that are played and how they are adapted for the competitors.


A shorter week this week but it’s amazing what we can squeeze into less time when we have to! In English, we have been finishing up our non-fiction projects: the last extended writing project of the academic year. We have completed our book covers to go with them and are sending the books to print. Year 2 are officially a class of authors!

In Topic, we looked at Martina Navritalova, a true sporting great and female tennis pioneer. As well as record-breaking titles and victories, she taught us the importance of discipline, courage and dedication. We went outdoors and practiced some tennis drills; she made it look easy!

Tied to this, in Science, we designed a lifestyle plan which included healthy meals and activities for an unhygienic and out-of-shape couple. Once again we were out in the sunshine, but this time we went through various exercise routines and even an assault course. We certainly know how to be fit and strong!

In Maths, we finished off certain strands such as double-digit additions where the ones break the ten and subtraction methods. We also polished up on our multiplication and division work. We also completed two mastery checkpoints, so a productive week overall.