Board Games and Chess Club - Ms. Spence

They played a variety of different games of their choice, including snakes and ladders, memory bingo, Ubongo and chess. During chess they learned how each piece moves. It was lovely watching the older children teaching the younger ones. Katya(y5), Vibhav(y4) and Maxim(y3) all were excellent and patient teachers. A highlight was when everyone challenged Miss Aida. Guess who won? Time passed really quickly and all the children said that they can't wait until next time.

Wonderful Watercolours Club – Miss Lucy

Over the previous two weeks, creative juices were definitely flowing in our Wonderful Watercolours Club, with some fabulous results. The children in Years 2 to 4 learned about experimental arts media and painting techniques, and used this knowledge and their own ideas to create small gifts (bookmarks and postcards) for their loved ones. It might take a while (closer to St. Valentine's Day, most likely) for the postcards to reach designated addressees, but certainly they will be worth the wait!

Puzzles, Riddles and Conundrums – Mr. Ward

Pupils thoroughly enjoyed trying to solve a host of riddles. Mr. Brown lives in the Brown House;

Mr. Black lives in the Black House; and Mr. Grey lives in the Grey House. Who lives in the White

House? The president of the United States, of course. The second challenge was to create a large

square out of the seven pieces of a tangram (one parallelogram, one small square and five

triangles, including two large right triangles, one medium right triangle and two small right

triangles). The third and last challenge was to write a coded message, using the Pig-Pen coding

method. Everyone enjoyed the Puzzles, Riddles and Conundrums Club!