Spring is an exciting time of year with visible environment changes that can help develop children's contextual understanding. Using our specially designed activities the children's understanding of the world was broadened. Their learning in a wide range of EYFS outcomes was explored.

We introduced the ‘Spring Theme’ by reading the story ‘The thing about Spring’ by Daniel Kirk.

Ah, Spring! It’s coming brings new colours and smells, and is cause for celebration on the part of many. Bird, Bear, and Mouse are thrilled with the new season and list all the reasons they are glad for its arrival.

We spoke about Spring being one of the four seasons of the year. The children were able to express that the weather is starting to get warmer and more daylight means more time to play.

We spoke about how the animals and plants are feeling as they wake up from winter. We thought of exciting words that we can use to describe Spring; warm, sunny, flowers, green leaves, butterflies, birds, insects etc.

Through our Spring/ Easter yoga session we explored large body movements such as floating through the air like a blossom, waddling like a duck, buzzing like a bee and jumping like a frog Our Spring adventure included meeting the sun, daffodils, chicks, caterpillars and bunnies and much more.

In Expressive Arts and Design, we used different media and materials to create baby chicks. Using our new brightly coloured play dough to create little chicks and bunnies in a garden of flowers was a favourite activity. We demonstrated our colouring and cutting skills be creating a beautiful Spring poster.


Our class celebrated the arrival of Spring this week. We practiced our colouring in and cutting skills making flowers for our Spring display. We made different animal using play dough to strengthen our fine motor muscles. One of the favourite activities was listening to a Spring story which incorporated some yoga moves. There was so much laughter as the children attempted the different poses.

We discussed the signs of Spring and the changes that we can see… days getting longer, weather is warmer, seeds and buds appearing, baby animals being born. We have also been concentrating on the correct formation of our names and numbers. Our phonics knowledge is increasing as we practice blending and segmenting words to help us when we start reading. We always enjoy watching our sight word video and realizing that there are more and more words that we can read. We are developing our Maths skills with addition to 20.

Our outside time has been spent zipping around on our scooters in the warmer weather. What a treat to have our scooters at school so that we can build up our gross motor skills while we are playing!