This week has been both unusual and liberating for our Nursery children. For the first time, they have had the run of the whole school, while all other key stages were at home with online lessons.

We ended our fairy tale theme with ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Jack a poor country boy, trades the family cow for a handful of magic beans, which grow into an enormous beanstalk reaching up into the clouds. Jack climbs the beanstalk and finds himself in the castle of an unfriendly giant…….

Many fun activities incorporating our ‘Early Learning’ goals were completed within the theme of the story.

The children used the foot prints of both the Giant and Jack to measure the beanstalk. We all agreed that the giant had fewer footsteps because of the size of his huge feet. The children enjoyed placing the cut out leaves in the correct order on the beanstalk. Simple one to one correspondence using pegs to match the picture with the correct number was a popular Math activity.

The children sat in pairs for picture discussion. They had to use their English vocabulary to describe their picture to their partner. They then had the opportunity to compare their pictures and spot the differences.

We learned the ‘Giants Chant’ and used it to play the game Simon says………

To conclude our enjoyable week of learning the children used their small magic fingers to weave the strings of the giant’s golden harp.


This week was a week with a difference as the Russian, Music, PE and Phonics lessons were online using Zoom. In English we focused on the Jack and The Beanstalk story. We used Unifix blocks, beans and other objects to do lots of measuring activities. We measured a giant beanstalk using Jack and the giant’s footprints to count how high the beanstalk was. We watched videos and listened to different versions of the story and discussed the differences between the stories. We spotted the difference between two pictures and then discussed them, cut out beans and ordered numbers from 1-20. We counted objects and matched the correct number from 4 different answers and also counted objects using simple addition. We sequenced the story using simple picture cards and explaining in words what was happening in each picture. We used our creative genius to thread the strings to make our magical harps.