Our wonderful Nurse Irina introduced our children to the importance of oral hygiene. She demonstrated via a painting activity the correct way to brush our teeth through up strokes, down strokes and circular movements. The children had fun practicing how to squeeze tooth paste on their brush and then demonstrating the tooth brushing skills on a model. We all took note of what happened in the story ‘The selfish Crocodile’ when crocodile did not brush his teeth. We were relieved when a brave mouse decided to help him relieve his toothache, by extracting the decayed tooth.

In a follow up lesson Nursery demonstrated their knowledge of oral hygiene by completing a sequencing activity on brushing our teeth. We used floss on our tooth model, to dislodge stubborn food, that gets stuck between our teeth. We were able to complete a cut and paste activity on healthy and unhealthy foods.

Visiting the dentist in the role play area was a favourite. After listening to the children engaging with each other, it was clear that they had listened very carefully to the sequences involved in oral hygiene. I was very impressed!

Scaredy Monster from the story “Scaredy Monster Loses a Tooth", realizes one of his sharp front teeth is loose. He's heard horror stories from other little monsters about losing teeth, so he does everything he can think of to keep that tooth in place including peanut butter, gum and even marshmallows. Eventually, though, with some wise words from Mommy Monster, he realizes that losing teeth is just a part of growing up.

Using different art media, we had fun painting our own Scaredy Monsters. Do you like their teeth?


Reception started the week finishing off the most amazing wild animal African sunset silhouettes. The boys did an excellent job of cutting out their animals for the silhouettes. We also used the negative images where we had white animal outlines on a sunset watercolour background.

We learned a lot of information about how to care for our teeth properly by brushing them twice a day. We learned how to brush our teeth too. We talked about the sequence of instructions on how to brush our teeth and then sequenced the pictures ourselves. We spoke about healthy and unhealthy food; and why it is not good to have too much sugar. We saw how holes form in our teeth from eating too much sugar.

Nurse Irina came to give us a demonstration of the correct way to brush our teeth using paint and paintbrushes for the different strokes – from the bottom up for the grass, from the top down for the sky, and in circles for the sun. It was a wonderful way to show the children the correct way to brush their teeth… not to forget brushing their tongues!