Dear Parents,

EYFS have enjoyed spending time outdoors- cycling, skipping, learning to use a hula hoop, climbing to the top of the climbing frame and down again. The boys were impressive with their football and basketball skills, while the girls were great at skipping and cycling. The hunt for mini-beasts continues…as does jumping for worms on any damp spots among the trees! Feeding the birds left over bread from breakfast and tapping on tree trunks to get the birds out of their bird houses as become another one of EYFS’s favourite pass times.

In language and literacy, we have learned the “Jj” sound in phonics, learning how to form the letter, singing the song ‘Jelly and jam…’ and identifying things beginning with ‘Jj’. We have also continued writing simple sentences and reading them back.

During our Numeracy lessons this week we have continued building on counting to 20 both with actions and concrete objects. This week however, we have used Diennes equipment to see how many Tens and how many Ones make up our numbers thus starting to understand the value of digits in two digit numbers.

During our topic lessons about ‘Living Things’ we have focused on the life cycle of butterflies. Children can explain the different stages in the life of a butterfly using vocabulary like ‘egg’, ‘caterpillar’, ‘cocoon’ and ‘chrysallis’. They have coloured in the different stages of a butterfly from egg to chrysalis to caterpillar, then butterfly; and have collected twigs from the playground to complete a 3D model with adult support. They particularly enjoyed making plastercine caterpillars by rolling out 10 spheres and joining them together, and adding eyes and a mouth to the head.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!



Nursery and Reception have been learning a new song ‘Bee, Bee, Bumblebee”. The students learned the lyrics by playing in a circle game. We have been practicing “Rain, rain go away” on the xylophones. First the students worked hard about the beat of this song, it helped them to play the accompaniment.