Dear Parents,

EYFS thoroughly enjoyed the Easter egg hunt organized by Miss Peoples and the Student Council. There were squeals of excitement and dashes to the prize as they spotted the hidden eggs. The Student Council has also raised awareness of the plight of orphans with our fundraising Casual Dress Up day today, especially after EYFS learned more about orphans from each of their home countries. There was genuine empathy and a desire to help young orphans when we talked about the orphanage our school is supporting during our Circle Time. A big thank you to all the parents for your generosity!

In language and literacy, we have learned the “Bb” sound in phonics, learning how to form the letter, singing the song ‘Bring your bat and bring your ball…’ and identifying things beginning with ‘Bb’. We have continued learning our tricky sight words (High Frequency Words) which has helped us develop our reading skills, and which we will use in the summer term to develop our writing skills further by writing in sentences.

During our Numeracy lessons this week we focused on position and direction. Children followed instructions to stand in, on, under, next to, between various objects in class. They enjoyed following instructions to go through an indoor obstacle course that was set up, as well as following directions using vocabulary such as left, right, forward and backwards to look for hidden lollies. They also explored direction using compasses, learning that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and loved watching glorious sunrises and sunsets in their home countries.

In our topic ‘Travel and transport’, we have continued looking at fun places to visit around the world and locating countries we would like to visit on the globe.

Wishing everyone a lovely end of term break and a happy Easter too!



This week have been wonderful in music class. We have been very busy with singing, composing, performing and learning.

Nursery and Reception have been learning new songs ‘I love the mountings, I love the rolling hills’. The students used body percussion to help memorize the song. Pupils have found it very curios.