Dear Parents,

Children had a ‘blast’ on Wednesday as it was Science Day. They had fun watching the magic of various chemical reactions and making their own holograms. In class, they were curious about melting snow and ice as before, using a thermometer to see how the red line moves up and down when placed in snow and water. They also observed water ‘disappear’ when placed near the heating but have not come to grips with the term ‘evaporation’.

In language and literacy, we have learned the “Mm” sound in phonics, learning how to form the letter, singing the song ‘The mum and dad make many meals’ and identifying things beginning with ‘Mm’. We have also had our first go at spelling simple CVC words like cat, sit, man. While most children were great at knowing the initial sound, most needed help with the middle and end sound and looking at our phonics wall helped.

In Numeracy, we have begun looking at measures, starting off with length. Children were great at identifying things longer and shorter, taller and shorter, sequencing lengths from shortest to longest, as well as measuring things with unifix blocks.

In our topic ‘People who help us’, we looked at how our teachers, cleaners and doctors help us. Children have become much better at tidying up and not leaving too much of a mess for our cleaning staff.

Wishing everyone a lovely, restful weekend!

EYFS Team.