Dear Parents,

EYFS seem to be immune to the extreme heat, especially the boys who are so full of energy, however we did try to stay in the shade as much as possible and have plenty of water to keep hydrated. Children have been exploring their new Sound Station installed by Mr Rafshan and taking care of the flowers they planted in their new miniature garden (some wooden plant boxes) by watering them daily.

In language and literacy, we have recapped the difference between letter names and letter sounds. We also have built on our list of describing words, played word games and the class has continued writing sentences describing pictures about unicorns, robots, our families etc. During our Numeracy lessons this week we have begun looking at odd and even numbers. Children have been drawing amounts and putting them in pairs to see if they are odd or even.

During our topic lessons this week we have discussed Sports Day which has been rescheduled for next Tuesday due to the extreme heat. We have also talked about various sporting activities, trying our best when participating in events and not being sore losers. We even had fun having our own mini-sports within our class competing against children in different houses. We had short distance sprinting, cycling competition and the duck walk. Everyone was brilliant!

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!