EYFS had great fun with Year 1 at the Moscow Zoo last Friday. The rain did not dampen their spirits and they were amazingly independent, carrying their own backpacks as we explored the different animal enclosures. Some of the highlights for them were the bright, pink flamingoes; beautiful, tall giraffes; the cougar which got off his ‘perch’ and began prowling around and the active little penguins that swam around very quickly, popping their heads out of the water as they got to either end of the pool.

In language and literacy, we have continued reviewing High Frequency words, and reading simple sentences by sounding out words in the sentences. We have also focused on describing words and began writing sentences describing pictures about unicorns, robots, our families etc. During our Numeracy lessons this week we have begun looking at sharing into equal groups when dividing. Children have been great using the interactive whiteboard resources and worked one-to-one learning with an adult to use the computer mouse to drag and drop when sharing. We also grouped and shared pictorially on the whiteboard, and wrote number sentences using the division sign.

During our topic lessons this week we continue looking at sports and sporting greats. This week we watched amazing children and adults who are great at martial arts, from a little boy in Japan inspired by his hero Bruce Lee doing karate, to a young girl doing Tae Kwan Do also inspired by Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, a three year old in his first competition trying to break a tile, and some amazing adults. After learning about different Olympic and sporting activities, we have continued with our junk modelling tasks. Daniel’s robot has had his eyes added on and a heart, Afsheen and our lovely new addition to EYFS, Mirei have made beautiful butterflies decorated with glitter pens, while Boris has started making his blue dragon. Ana has made an amazing silver robot with mum during her online learning. Well done Ana and Minal for super effort during your online learning, and happy birthday Daniel!

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!