We had a great, interesting and useful painting lesson with year 4 this week — we learnt to draw the tulips in different positions and how to place the composition of our flowers on a piece of paper.

Believe it or not, a tulip requires a cold winter season to thrive, so it does not grow in tropical climates. Tulips grow in a wide variety of bright colors including yellow, red, purple, orange, pink or a combination of colors such as red and yellow.

Year 5 were building a volcano this week. For the base of the volcano children used a piece of a cardboard. Then they set the plastic bottle in the middle of the base, formed the shape with a scrap paper and tape and painted it with acrylic paints. They looked great, well done Year 5!

Y1 made their own sets of Matreshka dolls out of paper that helped them to introduce children to Russian folk art. Children decorated their templates in their own design and coloured them with pencils and markers.