Year 6

Well what an interesting week it has been! My class has done an unbelievably amazing job at transitioning to our online learning platform called Canvas. They have all logged into their accounts and have met with me to do English, Maths and other subjects right on time and were great listeners. I am very proud with how responsible my class has been through these challenging times. Even though they are far apart, we still did lots of long division and measuring angles in maths, and in English we read some stories, poems, and did some insightful work into determining what an author’s message might be. We also started writing our own stories on Friday as well! In Science we learned more about how light travels, and in Topic we learned all about the role of women and how they played such an important role in the lead up and throughout World War II. What a great week!

Year 5

Year 5 have been enjoying the use of teams this week and many children have actively participated in Maths and English lessons live every day. In English, we retold the story Anastasia and then used this text to find antonyms, synonyms and to investigate different types of sentences. In Maths, we have been improving our ability to multiply and divide large numbers. Some children have made excellent progress with dividing 4 or 5-digit numbers by a 2-digit number. In science, we have been exploring the properties of materials using the discussion feature on Canvas.

Year 4

This week marked the start of e-learning. We enthusiastically joined Mr. Ward’s video conferences every day during the week. In English, we watched a video clip, featuring the story, ‘Library Lion’, and answered questions based on the story. In Maths, we practised subtracting 4-digit numbers, using both the expanded and compact methods. In Science, we watched an interesting video clip, featuring an experiment to determine which materials act as conductors and insulators of electricity. Our Topic lesson focussed on ‘The Gogglebox’. We discovered that the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II was a turning point in the history of television in Britain.

Year 3

How amazing has everyone done this week? I am super impressed by how all of year 3 have begun their new e-learning. Everyone has logged onto CANVAS and joined in lessons and everyone has uploaded or shown me their work. A highlight for Vibhav was doing maths online when he could choose to use either the column method or partitioning numbers. Liza P said talking to her friends was fun and she likes having The Magic Finger read to her by Miss Wendy. A BIG thank you to all you amazing parents who are supporting your children’s learning at home!