This week in Mathematics Year 9 students continued to work on topic "Coordinate Geometry" and have learnt how to identify the gradient of a straight line, how to convert between general and gradient-y intercept forms of equation and completed 10 online units on Mathletics with some very good results. Congratulations to Yu, Mark, Emre, Sergey and Sophia for scoring over 70% in each module and making to the top 5 students of the week!
Year 11 students have been working on calculating volume and surface area of composite 3D shapes. They have learnt formulas for calculating volume of cylinders, pyramids, cones and spheres.
Year 12 and 13 students have been busy practicing with questions from past papers as some of them are getting ready to sit for their first exam in January. I would like to remind that it is really important to dedicate time to practice with exam style questions on daily basis and revise formulas and methods of solving questions that will not be given in the formula booklet on the exam. For more guidance on how to prepare for your exams (start early!) please have a look at the following web site for some hints and tips:


In drama this week, we have been busy preparing to start filming our Celebration projects next week. We have been working on storyboards, our roles, both behind the camera and editing and acting. We have been planning our set locations, props, as well as how we can be best prepared before we get start filming next week. It has been very busy but a wonderful week in KS3 Drama.


This week year 12 and 13 have been honing their essay writing skills. We have focused on the skill of criticality and analysing in depth how writers create meaning for their readers. Both classes have produced essays which display clear progress. We are also getting closer to the mock exams and so in both groups we have looked at revision strategies. KS4 have also been working on analytical writing in the context of non-fiction. Their reading skills are improving when coming across challenging forms of writing and they are able to write analytically about what they read.


This week Year 10 students studied ionic bonding and the properties of ionic compounds. We discussed the nature of ionic bonding and how it is different from covalent bonding which was studied earlier. It was great to see the students being able now to derive a formula of a random ionic compound given in the task in a worded form. Then we had a practical session on that on Wednesday and the students worked in small groups. The task was to find out if ionic compounds can conduct electricity and what conditions were required for that to happen. Another experiment was to check the solubility of those compounds in water. All students managed very well and were able to come to the right conclusion, well done! They all worked with real enthusiasm and curiosity and seemed to enjoy the session.


Year 13 students have finished the Network Topic and started Project Management Unit. Year 12 students have been working extremely hard and have completed e-safety, health and safety. Now they are almost through with the Digital Divide. They have been answering questions from the booklet as well as some specimen past paper questions Year 11 students have been studying the Topic effect of ICT (hacking and viruses) and various issues that can arise. Year 10 have been working on Data and Information Tasks on the work booklet Year 9 have been doing research on the impact ICT has on Society and have been creating presentations which they will present in the coming weeks Year 8 have been exploring the negative aspects of Technology and how to be safe when using your device. Year 7 have been learning about the basics of Spreadsheets and how to enter formulas.


In secondary school, we talked about “Western Dance line music” in Year 9 .Year 7 explored chords in music and have been practicing with bass line.


This week in Russian class KS3 students presented very interesting projects about different countries (China, Mexico, Korea, Turkey, and Germany). Our students told us interesting facts about culture, languages, national traditions and cuisine. Students asked and answered questions and had a discussion about the facts that they liked most. Awesome!


In The Humanities we have had an eventful week! The Year 7 Geographers have been looking the topic of population, where in the world people live and the problems that rapid population growth can cause. I must say they are passionate about the importance of looking after our planet, which is wonderful to see! In Year 8 we are looking into a related topic, which is Climate Change, and crucially what can be done about it. As Historians Year 8 are looking into one of History’s great murder mysteries of Victorian London: Jack The Ripper and what it tells us about the society at the time. Year 9 are currently travelling to The Middle East, and learning about the culture of that region, whilst in History they are looking at the start of World War One. All in all we are expanding the horizons of our Key Stage 3 pupils!


This week, with Year 5 till Year 10, we studied the verb Etre and Avoir and how to use them in each sentence. It was an intense work buth they did it well and now they are able to speak about themselves. The year 9 had a French test about what we have done since the beginning of the period. Some of the students learnt very well and did a good job. Well done Year 9 !