We finished our week with a spooky Halloween themed day and enjoyed some Halloween challenges in maths, phonics, art and topic. We started our day by saying hello to Yuwa, who has been at home this week. We did some funky Halloween dances with Yuwa and then took a picture with him, wearing our Halloween costumes. Later, we found some spooky boxes in our classroom! We had to guess what was inside without looking. We felt slimey, sticky, gooey and spikey things and we had to guess whether they were frogs eyes, dragon snot, spiders legs, witches nails or Zombie eyes! We had to be brave when we put our hand inside the dark box. We also enjoyed making pumpkins, playing Halloween themed ‘I spy’ and making CVC words such as hat, bat, cat, rat, web and pot.

In phonics this week, we have finished off learning our phase 2 sounds and learnt about the digraphs ll, ff, ss and zz. In maths, we have been practicing being more accurate when counting objects between 10 and 20 and also how to estimate sensibly.


Year 2 enjoyed Halloween today! Everyone showed their fantastic costumes! We played games, danced, sang and had a great party together! We read a wonderful story called ‘A Magical Muddle’ about a witch who has trouble remembering spells! Ms Tamara and Hibiki were able to connect with us by Zoom to join the party atmosphere!

It has been my pleasure to teach Year 2 for this half term! It is wonderful to work with such bright and happy children! I am very sad to leave this class but I am looking forward to the arrival of my first little baby! I live close to school so I hope to be able to visit the class from time to time. Ms Holly from South-West will teach Year 2 in November. The children enjoyed meeting Ms Holly on Wednesday and showing her their copybooks. She is looking forward to working with the children after the midterm break and the children will be glad to see her again!