This week, year 3 enjoyed learning about and writing onomatopoeia. Here are some excellent example from the children. The clicking of the mouse- Mika. The ticking of the clock- Miranda. The dripping of the tap- Maxim. The booing and the oooohing of the ghost- Jarek. The woofing of the dog- Sasha. The giggling of the children- Ellie. The tinging of the bells- Miranda. The tinkling of the piano- The vrooming of the bus- Ellie. The gnashing of the teeth- Mika

Another favourite activity this week was decorating our Halloween door. “I really liked making the pumpkin and bat,” said Maxim “because I like to draw and cut.” Mika said, “our door looks very cool and a little bit spoooooky!” Sasha was very proud of her creepy skeleton. Check out the photos!

“I really liked planning a statistical investigation, especially when we had to collect data or information from years 2 and 3,” said Miranda. “My favourite part was putting my data onto the bar graph” was another comment. Everyone worked especially hard in Maths this week.


We have completed two weeks of online lessons with Mr. Ward and were pleased to welcome Katya from Year 5 as an online ‘guest’.

With a considerable sense of achievement, we completed writing Gaius’s diary. We were pleased to receive Mr. Ward’s praise for making good use of diary-writing features.

In Maths, we continued working with equivalent fractions. We also learnt to simplify fractions and draw number lines, featuring both tenths and decimals. We played the computer game ‘Marching Madness’, enabling us to practise converting millilitres (ml) to litres (l).

In Science, after watching video-clips about three inventors of electrical devices - Samuel F. B. Morse, Thomas Alva Edison and Alexander Graham Bell – we were given the option to choose an inventor with a view to writing a research report. We were surprised to discover that both Morse and Edison were not good students. This, however, did not prevent them from becoming successful, world-famous inventors. In fact, Edison showed that he was not afraid to make mistakes, when trying new inventions; he said, “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”

Learning from our mistakes was the theme of our PSHE lesson this week. We watched a video-clip, featuring Mojo, a cartoon character, who gave up trying to make a robot because he was unable to succeed. His friend, Katie, explained to him that he should learn from his mistakes! Like Edison, he discovered that mistakes can make you smarter!

On Friday, we ended the first half-term, dressed in very scary Halloween costumes and were proud to display our beautifully-crafted pumpkins. What an exciting way to finish this half-term!


Year 5 brought an end to a successful half term with another busy week. In Maths, we learned about area and how to calculate. We practised calculating the area of squares and rectangles before moving on to calculating the area of compound shapes. We also learned how to estimate the area of irregular shapes. In English, we finished working on our information texts about the planets of our Solar System. The final results were impressive and everyone used Microsoft Word effectively to complete their writing. We also practised using apostrophes for contractions and learned about irregular plural spellings.

In Science, we learned about the phases of the Moon and why it appears to change shape throughout a month. Later in the week we had a Halloween themed Science lesson focusing on skulls. It was very interesting and we even made our own skull masks! That led us nicely into our Halloween celebrations on Friday. There were some great costumes on show and it was a wonderful way to mark the end of this half term. Well done everyone and have a fantastic break!