Year 3 rocks! This week they faced the challenge of working at school with their teacher at home, on a screen. WOW, they did a superb job, working hard and producing excellent outcomes! Learning continued just as usual. In English, this week has been all about poetry and how words and phrases create a picture in the readers’ mind. A favourite line was ‘the leaves hang trembling’, from a lovely wind poem. BANG! CRASH! BOOM! Ask your child about their onomatopoeia poems and be prepared to be amazed. Fantastic, fun, fractions was the focus in Maths. Year 3 made them, drew them, and compared and identified them. Even the Friday Maths challenge was all about fractions. In Science, year 3 became paleontologists, making fossils with the Maxim, Nina and Mrs Dickson. Check out the photos. Q: What do you call a fossil that just lies there? A: Lazy Bones!


We have completed our first week of online lessons with Mr. Ward and how grateful we are to have Ms. Natasha’s support in the classroom. In English lessons, after looking at the features of diary entries, we are busy writing a diary of a Roman legionary, Gaius, who was stationed in Britannia in the year 100 C.E. Gaius’s diary entries include his experiences in the barracks, using flour to make porridge and bread, combat training, using blunt weapons, and a sacrifice ceremony, performed as a tribute to the great Julius Caesar. In Maths, we focussed on halving and doubling numbers, equivalent fractions and ordering factions. In Science, we looked at ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ energy, and how electricity is generated. We discovered that it is essential for all countries to start making use of ‘clean’ energy to stop global warming. In PSHE, we watched a videoclip, featuring a cartoon character called Mojo. In the video, Mojo comes to realise that he needs to treat his brain like a muscle. The more he exercises his brain, the smarter he will become! This means that we, too, have to exercise our brains by challenging ourselves!


Another busy and varied week completed in Year 5 - and just one more to go until the holidays! This week in Maths we have been learning about a variety of special numbers. We have learned about prime factors, square numbers, cube numbers and powers. We also learned how to find square roots.

In English, we have looked at information texts and identified their features. We have then begun the process of researching and writing our own information texts. We also worked on our reading comprehension skills, particularly focusing on using the scanning technique to quickly find relevant information.

In Science, we learned about the gravitational force on a variety of planets and moons and carried out an investigation to find out how high we would be able to jump in these places. We also considered the ideal conditions that make a planet habitable. We learned that other solar systems have planets, some of which have similarities with Earth - maybe there is alien life out there!?

In Topic, we learned about the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece and how they were also important religious and social events, as well as sporting. We also learned about the story of The Trojan Horse and considered how that story has been passed down through history.

On Friday, we were delighted to be joined in the flesh by Mr Anwar for ICT. So far this term we have learned about coding and internet and computer safety. We look forward to learning more about computers and technology in the months ahead!


This week the children in Year 6 completed a challenge set for them by our Reception class. They were asked to design and make take away pizza boxes for ‘R’s Pizza’ which would carry a quarter piece of pizza safely and keep it warm.

In doing this the Year 6 children also achieved one of the Year 6 maths learning goals :

Geometry - properties of shapes

Pupils should be taught to:

  • draw 2-D shapes using given dimensions and angles
  • recognise, describe and build simple 3-D shapes, including making nets