This week has been RED! Dazzling lights, bright colours and loud banging… yes, it was the Winter Concert. Year 3 were abuzz with excitement as they prepared for our full dress rehearsal on Monday and the filmed performance on Tuesday.

There were lots of nerves during the dress rehearsal but, as you all know, the children shone when they took to the stage on Tuesday. Their performances were amazing as they retold the story, according to Chinese mythology, of Nián or Nián shòu, the beast that lives under the sea or in the mountains. The character Nian usually means "year" or "new year".

It was a stunningly wonderful celebration to end a great first term.

In Maths, students have been challenged to solve ‘The Mystery of the Christmas.’ This Christmas Maths investigation included mathematical questions that had to be solved to find out who won the Christmas pass the parcel! Mika and Seunghee both said that it was a very challenging task. They made some mistakes and realised that they had to read the instructions carefully and listen to and work with their buddy. Wise words indeed.

As we head towards the end of the year, a big thank you parents for helping make this term so successful. Stay safe and have a Happy New Year and joyous Christmas.


We ended Autumn Term, this week, presenting our puppet show, ‘A Diwali Story: Rama and Sita Defeat Ravana, the Demon’. It was an interesting experience, staging a virtual show, but we are confident that we performed well. As puppeteers, we did our best to control our puppets and project our voices to make our characters come alive. We hope that everyone who watches our puppet show will come to appreciate that the festival of Diwali celebrates the final victory of goodness over evil, truth over ignorance, and light over darkness. We ended our performance with a rendition of ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’.

We revised our English and Maths assessments done last week and did our best to learn from our mistakes. We also enjoyed doing interesting challenges to test our knowledge of what we learnt during Autumn Term, including a crossword puzzle, based on animal themes, and Matchstick Maths, involving Roman numerals. In Science, we discovered that mammals which give birth to live young are called placental mammals. But there are two other groups of mammals: marsupials that carry their young in a pouch, such as kangaroos; and egg-laying monotremes, like the platypus. During Art, we had fun making miniature hats, using coloured wool.

We have had an exciting Autumn Term and now look forward to enjoying our winter holiday with our families.


It was a very enjoyable final week of term in Year 5. The children enjoyed learning about fractions and rounding decimals. They also had fun creating newspaper reports about Santa having problems on Christmas Eve. There was also time to learn about the Christmas story and enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit with a range of crafts and activities. Well done to all for the work this term and have a great holiday!