Year 3

In year 3 this week, students have been working diligently and have adapted well to the current teaching methods. In Maths, we have been looking at functions of time, converting between minutes and seconds and vice-versa, working out elapsed time (the time between the start and end of an event) and finally converting between 12 hour and 24 hour time. In English, we have been applying our prepositions of place to independent recount writing, before moving to looking at the simple prepositions of time- at, in, on. For Science, in preparation of designing our own investigations in the coming weeks, we have looked closely at the key words of scientific investigations. Finally in Topic, we have looked and biodegradable and non-biodegradable items and found that most biodegradable items are the least useful in recycling.

Year 4

As our first week of virtual learning comes to an end, I would just like to say what an amazing job Year 4 did this week. They managed to sign on every day and complete their tasks. We met on Microsoft Teams and it was great to see everyone’s smiles!

This week we worked hard learning about different ways of subtracting four-digit numbers. We also learned about how we can protect our water resources and about the history of sport. We used Tynker to learn the basics of programming in a fun way too!

Year 5

This has been a very interesting week for all of us from both a teaching and learning point of view. It has felt very strange to be in school without the usual hustle and bustle of the children. They are sorely missed by everyone so it has been wonderful to begin the Conference Calls through Canvas in order to catch up, talk, see and listen to everyone in the class. This is really important so we will be maintaining this contact and communication at least twice daily. The children have also been very good at using the Inbox facility to check in each morning and generally message me and keep me informed about any queries or issues they may be having whilst getting to grips with all this technology. It is also evident that the parents are also working hard in the background to ensure our learning continues smoothly, so a big thank you to everyone for this week

Year 6

Year 6 has been extremely busy on our first full week of online teaching. We have been very successful at completing our assignments, speaking with each other and our teachers when we need help, and even doing our PE lessons at home. It has been a big challenge for us but we have faced this challenge and we have been successful.