In English lessons this week, we have been reading the book ‘Was Tutenkhamen Killed?’. This non-fiction text is all about the life of Pharaoh Tutenkhamen and the discovery of his body. This book has allowed us to focus our learning on reading and note taking, inferring the thoughts and feelings of Howard Carter when he opened Tutenkhamen’s tomb and begin drafting fictional letters of Tutenkhamen’s enemies

In Maths we have continued looking at measurement, this week our focus has been time. We focused on identifying the different months and days with their number of days, before moving on to reading analogue clocks and elapsed time.

In Science we have been learning about and sketching the fossilization process, including how only animals and plants can be fossils. Finally in Topic, we have been continuing our research on Ancient Egypt for our PowerPoint presentations.


Year 4 has had a busy week with the End of Autumn Term 1 unit assessments in English, Maths, Science and Topic! Outside carrying out the assessments, we have been focusing mainly on the subjects of English and Maths. This is what we have been doing this week:

In English, we have been continuing to study the class read ‘Christophe’s Story’. We have read Chapters 4 & 5 and have composed a letter from the perspective of Christophe talking about his feelings and experiences of leaving Rwanda and living in England using evidence from the reading text. We have also been exploring writing play scripts and re-enacting scenes from the story. In grammar, we have been continuing to practice learning about the past tense of irregular verbs.

In Math, we have been learning about how to calculate time intervals from looking at schedules and timetables. We have also been learning how to use a ruler to measure to the nearest mm. We have also been practicing how to convert different units of measure. We have also revised some previously learned concepts to consolidate our own understanding of them in preparation for carrying out the assessments.


It has been yet another busy and intense week for Year 5. We have been busy completing assessments for Reading, Maths, Science and Topic. The children have as always applied themselves fully, working to the best of their ability and to get work completed in the allocated times. I have been particularly pleased with the creativity shown with the completion of their Space posters. We are also building up to School Council elections which will be finalized on Friday so we look forward to nominating our Year 5 Rep by the end of the week. It is probably fair to say that everyone is looking forward to the final week before our half-term holiday where we can wind down and dress up on the last day.


We have been very busy this week in Year 6! We have been working very hard on our assessments, and Mr. Marsh and Ms. Valentina, said that we did an excellent job! We also held elections for our Student Council representative, which was a lot of fun. Some of us gave speeches and we took a vote. Big congratulations to Sofia who will be our Student Council representative and to Amina who will stand in as our backup. We had a very busy week but it was a lot of fun and we have been doing a great job.


This week with Primary school we have learned our knowledges of rules Handball game. We mastered the basic skills of game. We can pass the ball and dribble ball correct, also we learned the agility of shooting. Children showed good team working, also they respect the winner team.


This week at Art lessons we had different Halloween projects and crafts for kids. With Year 5 and 6 we started our zentangle pumpkins , kids learnt how to layer and blend watercolors, Year 7 made a “Pumpkin in a hat ‘’ painting step by step, Year 1 created their mosaic pumpkins using colored paper ,Year 3 were drawing a “Pumpkin Patch” using crayons in warm colors and watercolor paints with cold colors for background and Year 4 started to design their Halloween plates! All kids were really excited about Halloween projects and did a great job this week