In Year 3 this week we have been continuing our guided reading work focusing on fluency, pace and volume; and continuing with our work on questioning and how open questions are better for research purposes than closed questions. In Maths we have been working on measurement this week. Students have been working to convert between cm and mm, measuring in cm and mm and adding and subtracting these lengths.

PSHE has been interesting this week as students recognise there are such things as both ‘good’ friends and ‘bad’ friends and identifying when a ‘bad’ friend is treating someone poorly. In Computing we have begun to create PowerPoint presentations, learning how to insert images, as well as the font and size and colour of writing


Year 4 has enjoyed a fun, practical approach to learning this week!

In English, we have started our new Fiction unit; studying the class read ‘Christophe’s Story’. We have done guided reading focusing on memorising and recalling events from the story and putting them in chronological order. We have also re-enacted scenes from the story using play scripts and role-play in small groups.

In Math, we have learnt how to multiply numbers using ‘Grid Method’ and how to find simple fractions of whole numbers. We have also studied telling the time to the nearest minute and been using our knowledge of time to work out time lag problems involving time schedules.

In Topic, we have learnt about the importance of Roman numerals in Roman Society and how to convert their values into digits and vice versa.

In Science, we have carried out science experiments, making simple circuits and testing the conductivity of different objects using batteries, wires and bulbs. We have started to learn how to draw these the components of circuits as symbols.


Year 5 have had yet another fun-filled and learning-packed week at school. In Topic, we have been working in small groups to research the everyday lives of children in Ancient Greece after which, the children then took turns in presenting in front of the class. I was impressed and delighted by the fact that everybody in the class spoke clearly, carefully and constructively as well as being patient and considerate listeners.

In Maths we have been working on analogue and digital times which we haven’t quite mastered but then we haven’t quite finished this week’s learning either. English has been very interesting as we have finished off our work on poetry by listening to pop songs from two very successful Queens of pop, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. This proved to be quite challenging in the cloze procedure section however everyone has been able to identify rhyming words and examples of repetition.

In Science too, we have almost completed our unit of work on Space by looking at and appreciating the Moon and its different phases as it orbits the Earth.

Year 5 have also been enjoying outdoor PE with our mild temperatures this week, as well as learning new songs with Ms Katya and continuing with gorgeous art work with Ms Sonya.


We have been very busy here in Year 6. This week we have been working extremely hard on creating our Save Pompeii projects for English. It has been a challenge to write, research, and learn a new program in order to complete our task, but we are doing a great job! We are getting better and better at our Mental Maths, and we have even started to create our own Aztec god in Topic. It has been a very busy week for us, but we have been working hard and we are very proud of our efforts.


This week in Music, the students have been practicing playing on a drums, a triangle and others percussion instruments. We listened different music and explored Dynamics and Texture. The Students now know “fff’’ and “ppp” symbols and can sort all dynamics symbols out with their dynamics level.

Physical Education

During week students continued to study passing skills and further their knowledge of dribbling technics. Also we start playing Netball game. Children showed very good team work. They demonstrated good understanding of tactics. Great week!