Everyone in year 3 has worked super hard to learn their lines for our Winter Concert. This week students wrote about how they were feeling about practicing and performing. Some of the responses were hilarious. Words like feeling a little bit shy, a little bit confident, challenged, excited and … crazy all were written. My favourite was “we were told to move our bodies and I was annoyed because we were told already, a hundred times!” I can’t wait to see how everyone is feeling after the performance.

Assessments for Reading and Maths, Arithmetic and Logic and Reasoning took up a few days and much learning happened when we revisited the assessments so that the students could see and fix their mistakes. Practising two strategies to subtract or takeaway was enjoyed by the class and we revisited Measurement using millimetres and centimetres.

“Don’t forget to write about ICT and French lessons,” I was reminded this week from the class. Every Friday, Mr Moe (ICT) and Mr Monnet (French) have engaged the children each week with fun lessons that are a Friday highlight. Make sure you ask your child to show you how they can code, using Lightbot and Scratch and get them to teach you what they have been learning in French.

Another successful and fun week of learning!


This week, with the festive season approaching, we looked at vocabulary associated with baking during English lessons; we learnt the meaning of words such as whisk, spatula, sieve and food processor. We also did reading assessments to demonstrate how well we can read a text for literal or explicit meaning as well as inferential or implicit meaning. We are beginning to realise that there is more to reading than we thought!

In Math, we discovered that ‘division is multiplication with a hole in it’. For example, the number sentence 253 ÷ 4 = o can be re-arranged to look like this: o x 4 = 253. We used this fact to practise dividing 3-digit numbers with a 1-digit number. We also did two Maths assessments to demonstrate our understanding of what we have learnt in Arithmetic and problem-solving during Autumn Term.

In Science, we continued with classification keys and how they are used to classify plants and animals. We thoroughly enjoyed watching a fun game show to learn more about the characteristics of arthropods, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. We discovered that arthropods have an exoskeleton, segmented bodies, and jointed legs.

This week, we continued to integrate Topic and Art. We spent time preparing for our Winter Concert performance and are now fully prepared to stage the Diwali story, ‘Rama and Sita Defeat the Demon King, Ravana’.


Year 5 have been working hard exploring the amazing world of fractions this week. They have built on their knowledge of adding fractions and can now also subtract fractions by ensuring both fractions have a common denominator. Later in the week, the children learned how to multiply fractions by a whole number and used two different methods to multiply mixed numbers by whole numbers.
In English, the children practised their reading skills, covering a range of interesting texts and particularly focusing on picking up new vocabulary from what they have read. They also worked on short pieces of creative writing. Using a range of photographs and pictures as stimuli, the children wrote well, trying hard to structure their work correctly and include adventurous vocabulary to bring their writing to life.
It has been a long term of hard work, but as we move into the final week everyone can look back and be thankful for the good progress made. We look forward to enjoying the final week of term and then a well-earned holiday!