In Year 3 this week for Maths we have been working through (the often dreaded) fractions. Our focus this week has been identifying visual representations of fraction and finding fractions of amounts or quantities. This involved a range of steps and applying their division and times tables knowledge effectively.

In English we have been working through comprehension and reading skills, using Roald Dahl’s Boy to identify what ideas and memories are appropriate to include in an autobiography and the different language that makes different texts interesting.

In Science we have been looking at different parts of the body including our major organise, recognising what they look like, position in the body and the different roles they play in keeping us healthy.

In Topic we have looked at the figure of Guy Fawkes and his role in the Gunpowder plot of 1605, before writing a letter from Francis Tresham to his brother-in-law Lord Monteagle warning of the plan to blow up the king.


It has been a bit of an unusual week for Year 4. Class attendance has been low due to illness and the self-isolation has made teaching difficult. However, despite the obstacles faced we have still managed to carry out learning.

In English we reread ‘The Ghost Thief’ e-book. We looked at how the main character Ben’s feelings and opinions about the ghost changed throughout the story. We also carried out a reading comprehension about ‘Chinese New Year’ to reinforce our learning from the previous week.

In Math, we continued our work on fractions; we studied equivalence and simplification. We also learnt how to convert fractions to decimals and vice versa and used place value to multiply and divide decimal numbers by 10.

In Topic we carried on looking at celebrations from around the world. This week we learnt about ‘Diwali’, its origin, traditions and customs.

In Science we carried on studying our new unit about ‘Dangers to living things’. We learnt about food chains and how they work. We created our own food chains.


This has been a really interesting week for Year 5. The children very much enjoyed coming into school in their fabulous Halloween costumes and Amanda was chosen by the school council as the overall class winner for Year 5.

The children have been continuing to work hard in all areas of the curriculum. In English we have been continuing our shared class reading and through role-playing we have tried to empathise and imagine how the two main characters David and Tucky must have felt. We seem to have covered a lot of Maths this week with another NRich Challenge and further work reinforcing our times table knowledge and learning new written methods for multiplication.

Science has been very practical with the children planning, preparing and practising another investigation to test the effects of air resistance on pieces of paper and hand-made parachutes as they are dropped from a height. The children always work brilliantly together in small groups to do this. In Topic we have also been using shadow puppets and role-play to retell the story of Rama and Sita as we have been learning about Diwali.

Finally, as part of global Anti-Bullying Week the children have come into school wearing their odd socks, contemplated the dynamics of group bullying and completed excellent album covers for the Andy and the Odd Socks competition. I wonder who will win?


Year 6 has had a very busy week! We have been working very hard on various activities for Anti-Bullying Week. We have been taking part in a worldwide art competition and learning what we can do to prevent bullying. We have also been working really hard with these extra hard Maths challenges that Mr. Marsh gave us. They were really hard but we got the answers! It has been a lot of fun and a very happy week.


With year 2 till year 4, we studied the colours. The kids showed the colours in the classroom and learnt the name of each colour.

week, with Year 5 till Year 10, we studied the verb Etre and Avoir and how to use them in each sentence. It was an intense work buth they did it well and now they are able to speak about themselves.


This week with Primary school we have been playing in tuned musical instruments. The students likes to name notes and curious about finding them on the piano. Composing tunes or following notes make the students exited. Some of them can perform their skills with confidence. We use all instruments and playing independently and in a group.


This week we have developed our skills in competitive games, where children showed great understanding of the game rules. The children showed good attitude in basic skills, such as throwing, shooting and catching. The students really enjoyed the team work. Also, we have learned about winter sports.