This week Year 1 have been able to show case all the skills they have learned this term to Mrs. Carol-Anne, who has had the pleasure of teaching year 1 in the absence of Mrs. Louise.

Year 1 were able to demonstrate growth in their friendship skills when they welcomed Afsheen to the class. As a class we enjoy spending time together while learning new things.

In Maths, year 1 are slowly learning different strategies for adding and subtracting numbers to 20. This week we learnt how to double numbers up to 10. We learnt how to add one more to a number and one less from a number.

We have looked at the difference between two dimensional and three dimensional shapes. We consolidated particular shape names and their different attributes. That detailed knowledge of shapes will be very useful later on when it is time to learn geometry.

Year One ICT lessons this week were very exciting. It is amazing to note how quickly their fine motor skills are developing when manipulating the mouse. They were able to access the ‘paint’ programme and incorporate their knowledge on shape to construct given tasks. In a follow up lesson they further developed their skills by using the paint pot to add colour to their pictures.

In topic Year 1 started to explore one of the most beautiful seasons ‘Autumn’. A real period of change in the natural world. It is also a particularly exciting time for children, as distinctive sounds and smells fill the air, and the once vibrant green shades of summer give way to warm yellows, reds and browns. Animals preparing for hibernation was of a particular fascination to them. Anatoly excitedly gave his peers a brief recount of his visit to the forest where he was able to feed a squirrel nuts from his open hand. He was able to tell us all about the squirrel and how he collects nuts for the lean winter months. He ended his recount with an interesting fact about nuts not eaten by the squirrel. These nuts like the acorn, have a chance of germinating into a large tree. We hope to strengthen our knowledge on this colourful intriguing season next week.


'Year 2 are superstars at following all the extra hygiene measures in school. Every morning, our temperatures are checked. We encourage everyone to wear a mask, we wash our hands regularly throughout the day, we use antibacterial gel and if we have a cough or sneeze we use our elbow not our hands and go to the Nurse to have our temperature checked again.

Year 2 love using the huge atlas to find countries and capital cities. They have shared so many wonderful stories about their previous holidays. Everyone is looking forward to airports/borders reopening and travel being possible again. Year 2 are using the knowledge they have learned in Topic lessons to produce a project about a country of their choice. They will present these to their class next week.

We are looking forward to our Halloween Party on Friday. I can’t wait to see your costumes! Stay healthy and safe