The children have had a most enjoyable final week of their first term in Year 1. They dazzled as performers in the Winter Concert, planned a Christmas party, were chefs for the day and simply thoroughly enjoyed their final week of the autumn term.

We would like to wish you all a very happy holiday and a wonderful New Year, wherever you may be! Ms. Natalia and I are looking forward to seeing the children again on the 11th January and hearing all about their holiday adventures.


Dear Parents,

A full and happy week draws to an end, marking not only the beginning of winter holidays, but the end of 2020!

It has been a busy term, getting to know the students, as well as the students pushing forward in their learning goals set for these past 6 weeks. Year 2 has a wonderful group of children, kind, helpful, eager, and interested! Science has by far been one of the class’ favourite subjects this term, as students had fun actively participating in many experiments to help change the shape of various materials set before them.

A big hearty wish is being sent to all students and their families, for a healthy and happy winter holiday. May the New Year be brought in with laughter, good cheer, and special quiet moments spent with your loved ones.

All of our best,

Year 2 Team.