Year 1

What a different but productive week it has been in Year 1! Nearly everyone has logged onto Canvas now and is submitting work every day. Well done to all! In English, we have been identifying adjectives, using them in sentences and creating our own sentences with adjectives. We have focused on the ‘air’ sound and had lots of fun on conferences this week reading, writing and spelling words with the air sound. We also enjoyed playing phonics bingo too! In Topic, we looked at different parts of the plane and labeled them and in Science we sorted different objects based on their material. Next week, we continue our home learning! Keep going Year 1 because you are all doing a brilliant job and thank you to parents/guardians for supporting the children to keep learning at home.

Year 2

This week we have been enjoying our conference calls twice a day to keep working as a team and help each other develop using Canvas. We have a few 'Canvas Champions ' in Year 2, that is for sure.

We have been working on subordinating words in English, particularly focusing on the word 'that' and how we can use it to link phrases. We have also made progress using ReadTheory to help us develop our comprehension skills which we have been working hard on this year.

In Maths, we have mastered division and multiplication; we understand how they are related and how we can use the inverse to work out calculations.

In Science, we have manipulated materials and objects by squashing them and later, focusing on balloons - how we can change their shape and why. Finally, we have researched and studied trench warfare (WW1) as part of the War & Remembrance Unit in Topic. Nasty business, indeed!

"Learning never exhausts the mind." Leonardo Da Vinci