Dear Parents,

In language and literacy, we have learned the “Tt” sound in phonics, learning how to form the letter ‘t’, singing the ‘Tt Tt Tt’ Tennis song and finding things that begin with ‘t’. Their favourite story this week was ‘How to catch a star’ and they loved watching a short video clip of bright, colourful starfish after the story.

In Numeracy, students have continued identifying numerals that go with the amounts they see. They have been working on interactive whiteboard activities, as well as with concrete objects to count out amounts, writing the amount in figures and then adding on one more.

In our learning area ‘Understanding of the World’, we have continued to look at the topic ‘Celebrations’ and this week Alex got to celebrate his sister Danya’s birthday with her in her class. We also listened to the Diwali story, the festival of lights for Hindus around the world, and how they celebrate this festival. Children decorated little lamps called diyas and did another fireworks painting with lots of swirly lines and bright colours.

With the snow that turned to ice on Thursday, children loved melting the ice in their warm palms, then predicted whether the ice would melt more quickly inside the classroom or outside, when put in water or left in their little bowls. They were able to say why the snow would melt more quickly inside and loved watching the ice ‘disappear’ in the water tray.

Wishing everyone a lovely, restful weekend!

EYFS Team.