Week 2 has whizzed past in Year 1! We have continued to learn through play and get to know each other, our routines and our indoor and outdoor classrooms. In maths, we have explored lots of open activities involving counting to 20, ordering numbers, writing and recognizing numbers and sorting and counting objects. In phonics, I have been asking each child to show me the letter sounds they can recognise and write so that I know where to start with our phonics lessons next week. We have visited the computer room and practiced how to log into Active Learn Primary and Bug Club, where the children will be accessing all of their home reading books. I am so happy to see that some children are already reading regularly at home. In Science, we have been exploring, naming and sorting objects by their materials. We have also been enjoying the warmer weather by taking our learning outside as well as our PE lessons with Mr Oleg. To stay active in the classroom, we have also been enjoying dancing to ‘Go Noodle’ to get the blood flowing around our bodies. We celebrated David’s birthday this week by eating some yummy cake during snack time. I look forward to leaping into Week 3 and beginning phonics lessons and well as our Topic on ‘Houses ad Homes.’


Year 2 have settled back into school life at EIS! We are glad to have everyone back in the classroom! This week we finished reading a lovely story about a boy called Billy. Billy has many worries and the children were able to make connections with their own worries and Billy’s worries. We discussed how his family helped him and who we can turn to for help if we need support. They can read this story again at home on ‘Active Learn’ if they wish. In Maths we revised addition and subtraction skills. We also learned the names of 2d shapes including pentagon and hexagon. We began our first unit in Science about Living Things. We watched a video of the lifecycle of a butterfly and drew pictures of each stage. We also had our first ICT lesson and learned how to log in to Active Learn with our new passwords. The children enjoyed Music, Art and PE lessons this week. I am glad to see everyone playing together and showing kindness, especially to our new students who are finding their way around our school. Well done Year 2! We are all very proud of you!