Welcome Back to our second week in Nursery.

Instilling a love of learning is of vital importance to children’s future successes and achievements. Children should be enthused, engaged and motivated to learn as they journey and prepare themselves for life-long learning.

Our Nursery bus children arrive and depart safely every day. They are well cared for by our wonderful TA staff who are always ready to attend to their every need.

On arrival at school the children proudly walk into their cloakroom and are quick to show me their name and the space I have provided for them. With a little assistance they unpack their bags and store their water bottle in the marked container. They know they have to put on their indoor shoes.

Then the fun begins! Without any prompting they quickly engage in the activities that have been set out for them for the day. It is during this time that a lot of our learning takes place.

They are learning to adapt to routines, share, socialise and follow simple instructions, problem solve and most of all bring out their innate creativity. It is such a joy for me to observe their enthusiasm and vitality for leaning.

I am amazed how quicky they have adapted to the covid 19 routines we have put in place for them. They diligently wash and sanitise their hands regularly, often reminding me of what they have to do.

The children enjoy both their breakfast and lunch and all have healthy appetites.

Outdoor learning is a firm favourite. We spend a lot of time outdoors while the weather is still so lovely. An immense amount of learning through play, problem solving, working creatively, development of both fine and gross motor and of course socialising skills takes place in our outdoor learning area.

That is a snap shot for you all to help you feel relaxed and happy knowing that your children feel happy, safe and challenged at all times.


It is hard to believe that we have already finished our second week of school, our days are simply flying by! The children are settling in beautifully and have been busy making new friends and rekindling the friendships that they made last year in Nursery. We are a very happy group!

This week, as well as learning the new Reception routines and classroom expectations, we have begun our first topic of the year, All About Me. The children have been painting portraits of themselves and their mums, dads, brothers and sisters and have been talking to us enthusiastically about their families. We have also been learning the English words for the features of our faces: Eyes, nose, mouth, ears and for those children already mastering this vocabulary, we are learning about lips, eyebrows and eyelashes.

Now that the children are happy and settled in their classroom environment, I have begun to carry out my baseline assessments of each child. Some of these tasks include recognizing their written name, counting to 10 and ordering numbers to 10. These are all done through fun games and the children have all responded very positively. It has been a lot of fun in Reception this week!