Secondary students started the year with revision of some topics studied in the previous year and so far have shown some great understanding of mathematical concepts.

Year 9s have been working on performing operations with fractions, learnt index laws and how to apply them in Algebra. They have also participated in online "Who wants to be a Mathionere" quiz and got all the way to the top winning one million virtual pounds!

Year 11s, as well as Years 12 and 13 started their year in a more serious manner as this is their crucial year in getting their IGCSE , AS and A level awards. It is important that students do their homework and revision of what's been studied in the classroom on regular basis and submit all required work by the due date so that teacher can provide feedback and advise on how to improve their work.

I wish our students a productive year that will bring many positive outcomes and great results on the exams!


Year 10 made a great start in their Chemistry course. We discussed diffusion and how different it is in liquids and gases and why.

Another focus was atomic structure: the students recalled the structure of atomic nucleus and how the numbers of subatomic particles can be deduced from the Periodic table. Everyone is really involved and enthusiastic. Well done!

Year 11 is continuing to focus on chemical tests – how the unknown substance can be identified. We discussed how positive ions can be tested and now move to negative ions identification.

Year 12 began their challenging course from looking at one of the most sophisticated techniques to determine the structure of a substance – mass spectrometry. This is definitely not the easiest topic, but I can see students’ determination and enthusiasm, so well done!


It has been a unique start to our academic year and our students have adjusted remarkably well. The KS4 and year 12/y13 have been working at a good pace from the first day and their progress has been excellent. The year 12 started the section on Mechanics while the Y13 are busy with Angular velocity. The IGCSE students are moving at a rapid pace and are showing a lot of potential. The year 7 is enthusiastic classes who have a lot of energy which is apt since we are doing the section on Energy. We managed to do a little investigation on Gravitational Potential Energy. The Year 9 have started Chemistry and learnt new facts about the atom.


We have begun learning Drama here in Secondary this year. We have begun by learning how to Freeze Frame. Working on learning how to express our feelings and emotions on with only our expressions and body language. It has been a fun start to our Drama unit and we look forward to a great year in Drama.


In Year 7 English, the students have started their first Novel Study. We have been exploring the world of Rafe and his struggles as he enters into Middle School. We have really enjoyed the book so far and everyone is very excited to hear about the adventures, trials and tribulations of Middle School. We are excited to continue reading and it has been a great start to what will be a great year!


In secondary school we were talking about different styles of music and guessing which extracts belongs to. The pupils have explored the plenty of styles and found a lot of new varieties.


In Year 7 History we are discovering who became King of England in 1066 and subsequently changed the course of British History. In Geography, students have been learning about lines of Longitude and Latitude to help them understand how maps work.

In Year 8 students are discovering the world of Tudor England in the sixteenth century and modern day coastal erosion in Geography. I am very proud of Year 9 who have made intelligent and considered contributions to discussions about human rights whilst learning about the slave trade. Year 10 have begun their IGCSE courses in History and Geography and Year 11 have picked up where they left off in the summer in both subjects. This is an important year for our Year 11 History and Geography students and I hope they continue to show the enthusiasm they have done over the past two weeks.

Physical Education

This Secondary school we have been developed our physical agility. All children participated in Shuttle- run test. Where our student showed their speed and reactions skills. Thank you all.


Year 7, 8, 9 focused on history of Russian language. Students learned that the Slavic languages divided into three subgroups: East, West, and South, which together constitute more than 20 languages. The students were surprised that the Cyrillic

alphabet is one of the oldest, and one of the most widespread alphabets in the world nowadays, alongside with the Latin alphabet, the Chinese characters and t the Arabic alphabet. Also Y7 and 8 tried their hand at reading and translation of ancient texts. Well done!